funny sites

  1. E

    How to get a huge collection of unique funny videos?

    I am looking to build a solid fan base over YouTube. This is only possible if I get funny videos and clips to upload. There are many sites and channels that are working in this regard and they all upload viral content. My question in this regard is that how can I get huge collection of unique...
  2. T

    [Help] Make money With Funny Pics/video

    Hey guys , i've just started my funy video/pics site and i'm wondering : -what is the best way to monetize it ? -how do i get visitors ? -Will i need an unlimited host or 10g space and 100g bandwith are enough for this kind of site ( i dont upload videos directly on the site )?
  3. avi619

    Honest Review Required for this Website!

    Hello guys! So,I finally built this website ,thanks a lot to G-S-T for providing the memlol clone. Can you guys please take a look at this site and give your opinions about the site or any drawbacks? All suggestions are appreciated. Have a great day!
  4. blackma

    Insert {joke|humorous anecdote} here

    I was at a night club over the weekend. It was 70's/80's night. They played "Boogie Wonderland", so I boogied. They played "Celebration", so I celebrated. They played "Come on Eileen".... then I got kicked out. :D
  5. blackma

    Do ye Guys think this funny?

  6. blackma

    [VIDEO] Funny Falls At My University

    Ice is great fun.!
  7. blackma

    Getting 'froggy' with it!!?

    So what category would this be under on redtube or youporn!? :D
  8. blackma

    Serious question...

    If your Uncle Jack would help you off a horse, would you help your Uncle jack off a horse!? :confused:
  9. smartsem

    Need a Internet Marketer To sale My low cost websites

    I am a web designer and I am good in designing Low cost and maintaince Free Websites specifically on Funny and Movie sites. My sites are maintainance free and very vary low cost like $10 and $20 . With this price I am providing a fully loaded 100 -150 pages site with free life time domain and...
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