cold email

  1. Alis_

    Strange traffic in USA from cold emails

    I'm experiencing a strange issue, where my cold email campaigns in USA seems to bring no human traffic, just bots who usually spend 40-45 seconds on the page, clicking on every link there is and leave afterwards. There seems to be no human traffic at all. From 20k mails I just sent I had around...
  2. Secbytes

    Cheat with email marketing

    There are some services that allow you to send unlimited mail to your subscriber list, but there isn't a problem with what if someone constantly changes their subscriber list to take advantage of sending unlimited mail, taking an example: let's say a service tells me that I can send unlimited...
  3. splendiddog

    Looking for VA, potentially make $1k+

    I'm looking for VA's to do the outreach for me. Need to have a LinkedIn account and would be good if you have your own insta/fb accounts too. I share all the instructions and provide all the resources too. Now how can you make $1k+? I charge each client a minimum of $10k and goes upwards $20k...
  4. uznis

    Is Proton Mail good for cold email?

    Proton Mail offers 15 email addresses and 3 custom domain emails per subscription. That's pretty cheap. Paid users get a 1000 emails a day limit. I'm wondering, what's the deliverability like compared to Gmail and Outlook for cold email? Would love to hear about your experience if you used...
  5. Geth_Prime

    2016 = $0 > 2024 = $5000

    Took me a while to get here. Note that this is just per project. Not making $5000MRR (those are crazy numbers TBH)
  6. Alis_

    What Client Outreach Method Works Best For You?

    Looking for your experience when selling products online, like services, websites, etc... What worked for you the best? I'm talking about, but not limited to: cold emails cold calls direct messages on LinkedIn, FB, IG mass DMs commenting on Reddit, Quora, etc. advertising (Google, FB, IG, ...)...
  7. goodbye tobey

    How to send 1k cold emails a day ?

    Hi everyone, I have many targeted emails that I scraped myself from social media and forums, now I'm trying to send cold emails to these people but I didn't find any way to send 1k emails a day, I tried mailchimp but it's extremly limited. Any good ideas here ?
  8. Alis_

    Software for Sending Cold Emails

    What do you think is the best software for sending cold emails? Found out a bunch of them like Instantly, Atomic Mail Sender, BlackBulkMail, SendBlaster, GMonster Please no recommendations like MailChimp, etc. it won't work, those are opt-in one's... I would preferably like to buy a license to...
  9. J

    Cold Emailing or Cold calling?

    Hi! I would like to ask about the best option to reach out business owners for service proposal. I got the tool to scrape the web and get both phone numbers and emails. When I put emails to be cleaned it mentions all the addresses being "dirty", means not good to use for cold emailing. tho as...
  10. speedie

    Mass Email Solution ☄️ SEND 10,000,000+ EMAILS ☄️PER MONTH☄️ On PRE-WARMED SMTP ☄️ Add Unlimited Domains like a PRO ⚡⚡ Full EMAIL MARKET...

    Email Marketing Solutions | where you won't need to spend a penny on third-party hosting. No need to install any complicated app. Get access to your Sender dashboard or Panel with login credentials + SMTP details with ports 25, 465, 2525, and 587. Connect your domain(s), Import your email list...
  11. L

    Sending 200k personalized cold emails to 66000 leads in a month

    Hi, my company is looking to go heavy on signing clients. I want a service / approach similar to for sending 200k cold emails a month. Note that these wouldn't be promotional emails (& shouldn't land in promotions folder in gmail), but simulating actual handwritten emails. We'd...
  12. A


    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. Do you know free alternatives to these tools or maybe cheaper versions of : Phantom Buster (to scrap data from LinkedIn) Dropcontact (email enrichment) (avoid bounce rates) Lemlist (warm & send emails) Thanks !
  13. BigAllenEnergy

    Hiring for Cold Email and Affiliate Marketing Roles

    We're hiring for two new roles in our company. Pay and Benefits - This is a remote role - Pay begins on an hourly basis for the first month. By month two we would bring you on to be paid bi-weekly. - As the role progresses to full-time we would offer salary & benefits (there is currently no set...
  14. BradyX

    [HAF] Need an expert to help with cold emailing

    Hello I started a thread about Cold Emails Not Getting Delivered to Inbox (here is link) It seems I will need to hire an expert to help me out I will provide: Clean Leads Warmup (if needed) Domains Email Content You have to use your own servers/setup for emailing. All I am looking for is a...
  15. V

    1000+ United States B2B Leads ->✅Verified Corporate Numbers✅, Company Location, Company Info, ✅Verified Company Email✅, LinkedIn URL and...

    Hello everyone! I am here to sell my comprehensive set of B2B Leads. We sell Verified Emails and Verified Corporate Phone Numbers that you can use to get new clients for your business. I use multiple scraping softwares, skip tracing services, and known services such as Crunchbase, Search Bug...
  16. L

    I have a big list of emails and i want to make money with it.

    Hi everyone, i have a list of almost 3 millions of emails segmented by age, income, city, children number and civil status. I want to monetize this list, i was thinking to do affiliate marketing but in all my attempts using Mailchimp and others mail senders i was blocked. I need a way to send...
  17. ekuin0x

    How and where to sell bulk email lists of specified niches ?

    I scraped websites and collected around 300k emails. Are there people who would be interested in buying them and where can I find them?
  18. L

    BH cold email marketing, i need to send 50k emails

    Hello is anyone here experienced for cold email Marketing, The content is blackhat Please only experienced , i need to hit inbox
  19. sanseraservices

    What is Cold Emailing and How will this influence in 2024?

    Hey everyone. Hope you are doing great and well! I have been really keen to know what is the Cold Emailing word comes from? or what is their logic in marketing? I know most of them doesn't know where does it comes from & someone would have known. (EXPERTS ONLY). How will this influence in...
  20. IM-Rafi

    1.5 Million fresh email lead, what can i do?

    I have 1.5 million fresh email leads, 900K are private domain mail and rest are Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Niche is: Programming, Software, IT. I have no prior email marketing experience. How can I monetize these emails now? Or is it possible to sell emails? Thanks in advance.
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