cold email marketing

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    *no content

    Looked into the question/service more and decided against it.
  2. W

    Help me choose which strategy it's the best for mass promotion

    Hello I have 2 strategies in my books that I'm planning for weeks.I need some advices. 1)I have a lot of emails lists that I having stored and total is 20 millions emails but none of them are optin. I know at least 10% of them are from buyers from different niches and websites (2 million...
  3. W

    Want start with email marketing but I have doubts

    Hello guys I Want start with email marketing but I have doubts about the correct ways of using it. I have a list of emails with 110000 emails which only 5000 I collect from multiple landing pages from system IO, kartra, mailchimp , etc. But the other 105000 email are purchased list (non...
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    Ignite your sales pipeline with our cold email marketing services. We specialize in warming up leads, transforming them into ready-to-buy prospects. Boost your website's qualified traffic and unlock sales growth today with our targeted, effective approach.
  5. L

    I have a big list of emails and i want to make money with it.

    Hi everyone, i have a list of almost 3 millions of emails segmented by age, income, city, children number and civil status. I want to monetize this list, i was thinking to do affiliate marketing but in all my attempts using Mailchimp and others mail senders i was blocked. I need a way to send...
  6. AdKiller

    Looking for a BH Cold Email Marketing Expert Ready to Send over 100K Emails

    Hello, I'm running lead generation campaigns for a variety of financial affiliate offers. I am currently looking for a specialist who has complete knowledge of blackhat cold email marketing from A to Z. (Besides content creation) and can deliver results. Let me know if you are the one I'm...
  7. sanseraservices

    What is Cold Emailing and How will this influence in 2024?

    Hey everyone. Hope you are doing great and well! I have been really keen to know what is the Cold Emailing word comes from? or what is their logic in marketing? I know most of them doesn't know where does it comes from & someone would have known. (EXPERTS ONLY). How will this influence in...
  8. W

    Can I use my own 30 gmail accounts to do email marketing or it's not safe

    I have 30 gmails accounts. can I use all of them individually to send email marketing campaigns to my contacts? (Obviously Respecting the sending limit of 500 per day on each account) It would be effective or there are risks?
  9. W

    Which platform, or software, or tool should I use to do cold email marketing

    Hello I recently purchase a email list with 20000 costumers contacts from clothing niche in Europe. Which platform, or software, or tool should I use to do cold email marketing? The list obviously isn't optin. There is anything out there which I can use this contacts to make mass cold email...
  10. C

    SendGrid for Cold Email?

    Hi everyone, Since Google is coming up with new rules for cold email from Feb 2024, I was thinking of using alternatives such as SendInBlue and Sendgrid. Does anyone have experience sending cold emails from these platforms? If yes that is how you handle FBL, spam complaints, etc. Is this...
  11. W

    There is any cold email service provider which I can send emails without warm up

    There is any cold email service provider which I can send emails without warm up and get a good delivery rate? Please suggest me some good providers?
  12. P

    Has anyone on this site used

    I have been watching this company for a few weeks now and hoping to incorporate them into my monetization model, but I am apprehensive as most ,if not all of their reviews seem fake. I realize, as a newer-ish company, it is not uncommon to use these tactics to gain some...
  13. P

    Cold Email Marketing questions for someone just starting

    I think I have a relatively decent understanding of the process, most of the tools needed to run the service, and the general methods used to write the email copy. I recently went through the Cold Email Mastery free course download I found on BHW by Cold Email Wizard. I think it was 12 video...
  14. shahogen

    Q & A - Cold Email Marketing

    I've been receiving a lot of questions on BHW recently and I thought that opening a new question and answer forum would be highly beneficial for anyone that's new to cold email marketing. As I've mentioned, I'm able to generate roughly 5 premium leads per day for my digital marketing agency...
  15. Degen

    [How to] get digital marketing agency clients ( beginner friendly)

    You are just 1 client away from quitting your 9-5 ! Niche We start by choosing a niche. Choosing a niche is pretty straightforward. Choose something that you enjoy or are knowledgeable about. But try to stay in any of these four general niches: Health Wealth Relationships Hobbies While...
  16. D

    Cold email (new domain) advice?

    So I have 100k leads that have opted in to receive information within my industry a couple of years ago. I am cold outreaching to these again before then putting onto my main domain. I have bought a few semi related domain names from Godaddy to do this from. Now I need to link to Gsuite and...
  17. TheNextItGirl

    Spam/ Email Marketing

    Sharing something that I plan on doing very soon. Would love to hear opinions and suggestions. Be as critical as necessary. Done a crap ton of research and I see a lot of people still sending bulk cold emails with affiliate links and making so much money. So I'm testing it for myself. I bought a...
  18. neverlackin360

    [Journey] & [Method] No money required Cold Email Marketing on Click Bank

    Hello BHW, No wasting time, to start I will be using the Free Profile Bud chrome Extension ( to extract emails (only can run 2k users per act) Gets you around 500 emails. So make a few Google & Instagram accounts as well To send the extracted emails I will use the...
  19. neverlackin360

    Looking for an Instagram Email Scraper

    I'm trying to do some cold email marketing and looking to extract targeted emails from Instagram I'm looking for a cracked software/scraper that can get me a couple thousand emails would appreciate any tips/suggestions thank you & happy new years
  20. mastertanvir

    [JOURNEY] Cold email method for dropshipping website

    I have just launched my dropshipping website. Now what I am doing for marketing. Joined bunch of groups of related niches. Collected emails of more than 2000 members by audience extractor software. Now I will run a email campaign to the emails with the best selling products. Don't know what...
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