1. Mohammed1526

    i need a coder who can write me a play click Script Module for a Diabolic traffic bot

    i need a coder who can write me a click play Click Script Module for a diabolic traffic bot
  2. J

    Snoopreport free code to test?

    Does anyone have a code so that i can try out before i decide whether or not to buy it?
  3. P

    Header code deleted in wordpress, how to retrieve it?

    Hello friends there is new query I am currently dealing with.. I was working on-page on my website that is in wordpress and accidentaly deleted header.php codes. Having no backup. Now the file is blank and the layout of the whole website is ruined. How to fix this issue? Or either it is...
  4. D

    Write code of Youtube clone android app + back end.

    I want youtube alike but self hosted app, download features should be there. and there will be an offer wall of various ad network (like cpaleads, adscendmedia) after completing app install user will get points, by which user can watch and download videos. the videos must be encrypted. Budget...
  5. D

    Microsoft Codes

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any suppliers who can sell me codes for Office Professional Plus 2016 and other Microsoft products, preferably at a discounted bulk price.
  6. Shadexpwn

    Killer Coupon Method [Details Inside]

    For the most part people have been sharing a couple handfulls of ideas related to strictly online promotion... Now's a time for another Cyber-Hybrid idea to link across these boards. Some of you may have remembered my one thread about creative uses for SnapChat & QR Code phone sex hotline...
  7. Munni

    need phone codes to verify 2000 Gmail Accounts.

    I need 2000 or more phone codes to verify Gmail. Anyone selling in cheap price ? or can anyone please suggest from where I can buy these? Thanks a lot in advance. Shoot me your best price.
  8. smmpanel

    need 100k phone codes to verify facebook

    I need 100k or more phone codes to verify facebook.Anyone selling in cheap price ? or can anyone please suggest from where I can buy these? Thanks a lot in advance.
  9. Golonzo

    Need a supplier for cellphone unlock coes

    I'm looking for someone who can supply me with Samsung smartphone unlock codes, thanks
  10. blake2013

    [HELP] iMacros Relative Positioning, TAG POS different values

    Hi, I'm developing an automation script for my own use, but there's One Line that I find very difficult Here's the code: TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=TXT:Shuffle WAIT SECONDS=2 TAG POS=12 TYPE=BUTTON FORM=NAME:NoFormName ATTR=TXT:Shuffle This website generates dynamic TAG POS values for LINE...
  11. WadeyX

    [GET] .COM GoDaddy Coupon Codes!

    Will update this as I get some! $0.99 .com Domain - ROCKET99 $2 off .com - FB99COM $0.99 .com - SMB99F $1.99 .com Domain - CJCRMN199 All work for me, let me know if they don't for you! And I'll try to find another!
  12. D

    Avira Verification Code generator?

    Hi there Apologies if i have posted in the wrong section, as i'm new here. :) So, i have been trying to find a working key code for A.V.I.R.A antivirus premium. I have googled but had no joy (codes expired) and many sites want me to download programmes that i do not trust. If any experienced...
  13. webmarketingmaster

    Coupon Code Affiliate Site - Question

    There are a lot of coupon code sites that appear to be using the same theme/platform. Here are some of them: Anyone know what theme/platform they are using?
  14. M

    Which way is the best way to build a CMS system!

    Dear all, I build my CMS system at the moment with but what do you sugest the best way to build a safty correctly CMS System? I hope for some sugestions..
  15. B

    Free Depositfiles Gold-Keys

    How-to use 1. Register 2. Login your Account 3. Go to ?Loyalty Program? 4. Click ?U-Points? 5. Scroll down & Copy/Paste code into form 6. Click ?activate? 7. Enjoy Gold Status. I'll offer one key for person. I have keys of 2 hours, 6 hours or 24 hours for give you because I don't...
  16. C

    10 New adwords vouchers for free

    Hello Everyone.. Here is 10 adwords vouchers with $75 balance.. use then in a week.. HM9N-HEFT-QDDD-R3H5-T9Q 6ZS8-KSQT-KHQ4-HMDN-C8 3KXL-3KXY-2HKZ-GSHK-BQQ 3KXL-3LB5-TERM-M6D7-ES8 6ZS8-KURQ-ATQS-QDUK-2G HM9N-HUEV-ZCRR-2MUD-LE8 HM9N-HX9U-UEY6-3NBZ-YFY HM9N-HZFM-W9Y9-UQJX-UUG...
  17. F

    Godaddy Coupon Codes 2 Renew ur Blogs

    Just apply at Go daddy check out for instant discount: Wallet30 takes 30% off all .com renewals and all new .com registrations. This is the most popular Godaddy Coupon for Renewals!!! Wallet11 takes 10% off any order. This code works well on all non .com orders including HOSTING...
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