Free Depositfiles Gold-Keys

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Oct 31, 2012
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How-to use

1. Register
2. Login your Account
3. Go to ?Loyalty Program?
4. Click ?U-Points?
5. Scroll down & Copy/Paste code into form

6. Click ?activate?
7. Enjoy Gold Status.

I'll offer one key for person. I have keys of 2 hours, 6 hours or 24 hours for give you because I don't use them. If you are interested on or need one PM me.
Sorry for the extra post, it was totally an accident. I meant to fix the other post.
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Hey thanks for sharing. Can I ask for more than one? or at least a few per week, when I gather some stuff to download.
Hi begira, do you still have any 2 or 6 hour codes you're willing to give away? I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you very much begira, I really appreciate you sending me a code. I would've sent you a PM but I can't yet. If you'd like me to edit this so you don't get several requests just tell me. Thanks again!
Please, if you ask for a gold key, tell me how many time do you need. It's easier for me to give them so.
May i ask for 1 month on my PM?
Sorry still can't send you PM.
Less 15 post on my account.

Thank you
can i get a gold key for depositfiles via PM please because everycode i found on here was activated already. thank you.
haha 6 years old topic is still active? why not close it if not going..
Not open for further replies.
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