Which way is the best way to build a CMS system!


Nov 10, 2011
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Dear all,

I build my CMS system at the moment with ASP.net
but what do you sugest the best way to build a safty correctly CMS System?

I hope for some sugestions..
if you are not limit to asp.net, I'd suggest using framework such as codeigniter, cakephp... There are a lot of works have been done for you.
Sorry, I only know PHP
Ok, Thank you!

No i am not limit to asp.net i know to how php works..

But why is this beter than script it by myself?
Using a framework allows you not to be concerned about a lot of security issues that are really tricky to be even thought of. On the other hand with proper validation (regex's and thoughtful overall design) of forms/inputs XSS and friends can be eliminated almost completely your only real problem becomes authentication if you need it. There are libraries that allow to take care of that without reinventing the wheel AND without needing to rely on a complete framework. This hybrid approach is what I like best.
Thank you Sirgold,

You have right with the stable safty is it beter to use that.. But is it possible to sell it or hire, if you made it by example phpcake?

And with your own license
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It depends on the specific license of the framework/library and this means you need to investigate it case by case as part of your due diligence. A lot of times you stumble across GREAT samples that are maybe licensed as GPL, for instance, and you know that including them in a binary app is NOT the legit way to go. But I believe al lot of what you need is either based on BSD or other loosely worded licenses that allow you to do with them whatever you like, including using and distributing them commercially at no cost.
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