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Sep 12, 2010
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For the most part people have been sharing a couple handfulls of ideas related to strictly online promotion... Now's a time for another Cyber-Hybrid idea to link across these boards.

Some of you may have remembered my one thread about creative uses for SnapChat & QR Code phone sex hotline promotions; this is just like that.

Today especially is perfect to get started, alike any other day :) ... Spring and Summer preferred.

The first part of this is to head over to Commission Junction and apply for advertisers.

Secondly you categorize them based on volume of sales, local store count & coupon code privileges.

After that you create stunning documents with a list of available coupon offerings so you can print them out to then separate them.

Before you go to print them out ensure that stores are available in your local area that accepts your coupon deal so you can enable the hidden twist this method offers.

Once you have a detailed coupon document you can print out a dozen for stores around you in populated areas you have two options... Stand in front of the store or hire a guy with a work for food sign ---> replaced with "Coupons."

What you do here is realistic... You can wait in front of the store and hand these documents out or have somebody detail themselves around the area sprint walk to plant them in those pamphlet kiosks.

An example advertiser in Northern States is Advanced Auto Parts. They have two different offers for two different product quantities.

What you do here can lead to twists, but this is just a base idea for the insertion of Reverse Engineering and links between the offline and online worlds.

Please note this was made broad for twists and can be cross referenced to form many popular ideas.

The option from this point could be print screening the document and handing out on relevant forums so users can print them out after you make a thread, making an eBook or bundling into smaller sections of Classified sites.

Another twist could be bulk mailing to users in local areas, like McDonalds and other popular companies do.
Very informational Shadexpwn. Thanks for putting this hybrid model out there for people to consider.

I'm sure a lot of folks might be put off by the whole "coupons" model, but I'm glad to see them reminded that these are tried and true models that create unique opportunities to spark creative partnerships and earnings. I have used these approaches both online and offline as well as in standard direct response or snail-mailing scenarios. I can easily confirm there is a lot of money to be made this way, and people are wise to remember a coupon is simply a promotional tool to generate new or recurring business - so it's a perfect first step towards learning to be successful online, while also presenting the other unique opportunities you pointed out Shadexpwn.

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