1. Gfrankoni

    All methods is simple

    All methods is simple, if you know tech side of seo, im and etc. Its all about human psychology, human nature. Give people a dream, sell it, which way is doesnt matter, and you are rich. I remember lot of old golden twists, like 15/20 years ago or more..which came from poor countries, and...
  2. Kidmars19

    3 Ways To Squeeze Profit Out of The Classic Porn Upload Method

    Alot of people have been asking me how I get results like the ones posted below on autopilot (few weeks worth of worth, haven't touched in over a year) or what twist can be used to turn a profit from the now saturated porn upload method. Here are three quick tips you can implement. Hopefully...
  3. thebotmaker

    How to twist ANY method

    As a former 'lurker', sometimes I see a lot of threads where people are asking how to make money from a method or if a method is still valid / fully functional. The answer to this is that a lot of methods are still working, but sometimes you just need to apply a 'twist' to them in order to...
  4. Shadexpwn

    Killer Coupon Method [Details Inside]

    For the most part people have been sharing a couple handfulls of ideas related to strictly online promotion... Now's a time for another Cyber-Hybrid idea to link across these boards. Some of you may have remembered my one thread about creative uses for SnapChat & QR Code phone sex hotline...
  5. oplaopla

    [Twist] 2 Tools to Make Adrian112's Porn Reupload Method Easier

    Here are some improvements on Adrian112's porn reupload method: 1. Freemake Video Downloader Download here: Some of you may know about...
  6. M

    I need a twist for adult site

    I have wp website, 2 and half months old,attractive domain name and easy to remember I download content from FHG's and upload them on my website by hand... very time consuming Things that I've done so far: Some basic SEO, keyword research 2nd tier blogs on tumblr & blogger.. use IFTTT for...
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