I need a twist for adult site

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    Mar 22, 2013
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    I have wp website, 2 and half months old,attractive domain name and easy to remember
    I download content from FHG's and upload them on my website by hand... very time consuming
    Things that I've done so far:
    Some basic SEO, keyword research
    2nd tier blogs on tumblr & blogger.. use IFTTT for autopublishing to get some backlinks
    Using Tumblingjazz for likeing,following on tumblr but i'm getting low traffic from tumblr
    I've tried to add some galleries on stumbleupon & reddit but for some reason i didn't got any traffic at all ?? what could be a reason for that
    I notice my alexa rankings are increasing each day for 5k positions but think it will stop very soon. Alexa today: 1,905,561

    So far I'm getting around 300~350 UV each day mostly from search engines and some from social media.
    Other software that I have: Scrapebox, Gscraper & TheBestSpinner
    Please need advises from you and some good twists..