reverse engineering

  1. dieuetlefer

    Looking for associate in Reverse Engineering

    hello! I'm make Reverse Engineering but alone I'm too slow. I have a lot of idea, working on some projects (for the money sure) If you are in this domain and looking for association, send me a message on the forum or on telegram: ineeedp
  2. thebotmaker

    [GUIDE] Reverse Engineering - Very Brief Overview

    This is a helpful overview I received while looking into the subject. As I explore the field more, this will be updated and I'll show you how to reverse engineer websites and possibly apps as well. Reverse Engineering is actually a broad subject. Here are a few relevant subcategories I can...
  3. A

    How to do Niche Research for Amazon Affiliate

    Kindly buddies guide me about niche research for the amazon affiliate site, please.
  4. D

    Looking for coder that can reverse engineer apis and knows a few good programming languages

    Looking for a coder for ongoing work that can reverse apis and make scripts in things like C# or java or other decent speed languages at a good price. It doesn't have to be those 2 I am open to suggestions. The scripts are not that big and are fairly simple. Won't be used for reselling or...
  5. R

    Reverse Engineer Wanted

    I am looking at reverse engineering a windows app, and having it placed into visual studio so I can make changes and redeploy with my changes, for personal use. Anyone out there able to help?
  6. R

    Sneaker Bot Developer

    Hey i have a bot already made for a few websites i was wondering if i can hire someone to help me develop and maintain the bot must be good at bypassing bot protection and good at python pm me for more details
  7. javabro

    [Guide] Reverse Engineering Android Apps - A push in the right direction

    I was contacted recently to reverse engineer the Spotify app by a client. The client had already tried it with other developers and failed. Once my initial steps were done (explained below) - he didn't want to move forward. Spent a few hours on this (for which I didn't get paid). I thought I'd...
  8. A

    WTH iOS reverse engineering expert

    I am looking for an expert in iOS reverse engineering to reverse engineer a popular iOS app. Your task is to reverse engineer the app and answer my questions how it works internally. Only apply if you know what you are doing. PM me for more details.
  9. C

    Looking for Developer with great experience with WAFs and reverse engineering

    Hello! I am looking for a competent individual with great knowledge in bypassing WAFs and reverse-engineering obfuscated Javascripts. The following are examples of WAFs /AntiBots that are very relevant to my project. PerimeterX Akamai Cloudflare Datadome If you are capable of creating...
  10. B

    Developer Needed to Reverse Engineer Javascript

    Hello, I am looking for someone with expert javascript and reverse engineering skills. I am trying to automate the login process to a few websites but they seemingly have extreme bot protection deployed and my skills are inadequate. On a technical note - there is an obfuscated javascript...
  11. LuckyAIO

    Developer needed to develop windows C# or Python software

    Hello, Our team is looking for 2 developers to create a C#/python windows software. The main purpose of this software is to buy products on specific website that are protected by multiple scripts like akamai / cloudflare or other security solutions. Skill required: - C# / python (need to...
  12. K

    I need game unpack services.

    Hello. I have files made in C ++ and packed with a kind of encryption. I need someone to unpack these files and extract the content inside. These are game files that have been turned into binaries. Maybe it can be done in reverse engineering, cracking these files or something. I will pay well...
  13. D

    Need Android reverse engineer

    Looking to hire someone who has experience in reverse engineering apps. You should be familiar with: -Reversing encryption algorithms -Reversing native libraries Please pm me and let me know about your skills so I can tell you more about the project.
  14. iilogix

    Hiring - Need an experimented reverse engineer

    We are in need of a developer that knows how to reverse engineer and also that has has experience in it. We are talking about software on PC for a FPS game. The more work and hours you put into the game and the quicker you work the more money you will earn. The pay is very good. Please send me a...
  15. F

    Android/iOS reverse engineering

    Anyone who ever made a bot for huge app like tiktok, instagram, facebook or maybe even snapchat, how have you mastered your reverse engineering skills? Have you just learned by errors and trials, or you can recommend some resources/books for mastering skills that will help me to bypass some...
  16. William Brust

    Looking for source code from an app, or an app written in Java or Kotlin

    How's it goin? I am interested in usable source code from an app downloaded here ( I am only really interested in the "Room Inspection" portion of the app. I would even be interested in a similar opensource alternative. I...
  17. U

    retrieving data from an old database (v12-dbe)

    Sup guys? I am new here and I have no idea where to post this but in this forum. anyways, I have this database full of public data of companies directory in my country. It is a new updated database (2018) but the person who made the program used a very old program. basically, he used adobe...
  18. R

    Looking for android reverse engineer

    Hello guys ! I need some help to monitor and decrypt all trafic coming from an android application. Please reply if you're interested ! (It uses SSL certificate pinning)
  19. C

    Paying up to 10 thousand for a software cracker. ( C++ )

    For the last few months ive been cracking a sweepstakes gameing software suite. I've been able to fully crack it except for a exe that wont launch unless it calles home via TLS. I need help with "spoofing" the tls traffic to the exe / reversing the exe, to better understand it. Please pm me...
  20. Y

    Decryption of a file encrypted through "Scramble & Encrypt File Headers" with provided keystring

    I locked my files using a specific encryption software, i forgot the password to unlock it leaving my file encrypted mostly pics and videos, i have the key string used for the encryption (attached, inside system.db open it with notpad). the decryption method used is called "Scramble & Encrypt...