1. crystalwiz

    What Browser Cache TTL timeout do you set?

    For your website, do you set the browser cache TTL to expire at 4 hours, 24 hours, one week, one year etc? Which TTL duration do you prefer?
  2. noellarkin

    Advice on WP-MultiSite and CloudFlare

    I'm using a WP-Multisite install on one of my shared hosting PBNs. Here's what the setup is approximately like: - this is the WPMU install etc - these are the multisites made using...
  3. Starblazer

    Cloudflare sent me a Trademark violation for Robux Generator

    I never had any issues with free Robux generators until now. But, Cloudflare sent me a trademark violation for using Roblox brand name in a free robux generator. They forwarded the complaint to my hosting provider. My site is still live and active. This seems to be a serious concern as Roblox...
  4. sxopetjs

    About SSL

    Hello people, Which free SSL is Best For SEO Ranking? Cloudflare SSL VS letsencrypt SSL Thank you in advance
  5. AmberJones

    Real traffic?

    I started the blog 3 days ago with only 5 posts and my Cloudflare analytics looks like this. Are they bots or real human visitors, its just impossible to have a visitor to a 3-day old blog with no links
  6. Lucider

    Does anyone have experience with Cloudflare Registrar? Is it kind of offshore?

    i saw many websites that related to premium adult contents (which they rip and posting them for free on their website) registered their domains through cloudflare registrar, even an popular data base leaking / sharing forum. is cloudflare kind of offshore or something? i'm asking to know is it...
  7. Bloodseeker

    Cloudflare and DMCA

    I see a lot of sites distributing copied adult content through websites with Cloudflare enabled. If you check which hosting they are using then you’ll see Cloudflare. This makes sense, since the original host is hidden, copyright holder won’t be able to make a DMCA takedown request and get your...
  8. W

    How to hide your website's origin IP address?

    How can I hide my website's origin IP address, so that no one can know who's my Hosting provider? I don't want to use Cloudflare because it'll forward any DMCA complaints to my hosting provider and I'll get banned. So, is there any other way to achieve this? Can I set up my own reverse proxy...
  9. B

    Datacenter Proxies in Switzerland

    Hey there, I‘m trying to createsome datacenter proxies, and am relatively new to the scene so I don‘t have a big understanding about it yet. Now I‘ve read through a few articles and blogs but still would appreciate some specific advice / help. Now I‘m looking for proxies for a swiss site that...
  10. crissdinesh

    Can someone explain whether Cloudflare automatically blocks threats?

    Hi All, I just set up Cloudflare CDN 3 days ago. In the analytics tab, I see something called Attacks blocked. I didn't set any Firefall rules which is why I'm surprised to see these stats for the domain. Could someone explain this? I do see that fake or bot traffic is greatly reduced on my...
  11. crissdinesh

    Full or Flexibile SSL from Cloudflare for Blogger site?

    Hello BHW, Recently I added Cloudflare to one of my blogger custom domains. The settings are given below: On blogger: On Cloudflare: Chrome browser ssl check I see no issues with my site at this moment. The http, https, www and non-www versions are correctly pointing to preferred...
  12. CyberCommander

    Does Cloudflare solve my problem? or better options?

    Hi Guys I need to create a server configuration for a big magento online shop. The requirements are: - Every click/activity results in the online shop must be less than 1s. - The online shop must be protected from cybercrime. My plan is: - Stablepoint Magento optimized Hosting in a Datacenter...
  13. RichKIDLK

    Cloudflare I'm under attack mode | Can I keep it turn ON forever?

    Hi In cloudflare can we keep this I'm under attack mode forever to filter out bad ip's from our websites? My main question is if I keep this turned on it will harm to SEO of the website?
  14. Negi Ji

    Please help me!

    Please help me in fixing these WordPress issues. I have a quiz site in which I am using the wp viral quiz plugin and it is working fine but since the day I have used Cloudflare on my website, it is automatically compressing my website and the plugin is not able to to to work when Cloudflare is...
  15. Negi Ji

    Please help me!

    Hey guys, I am getting this activity log in my Cloudflare account, Below is the screenshot Can I know is this any thread like someone from the USA trying to enter in my website? Also, Today I got the unauthorized access in my email from the USA with this "Authorized Application...
  16. M Domain: Cannot set/add Cloudflare NameServers

    Hello all, I need some help i am not able to set Cloudflare nameservers in domain settings, getting error that "setting nameserver failed". SCREENSHOTS - Cloudflare Nameservers i am trying to set - Error i am getting -
  17. kurosaki4d

    Help! Cloudflare caches my WP admin bar

    Hi, I am using Cloudflare CDN with my WordPress site. I noticed a huge mistake, i'm using as a Page rule "Cache everything" in Cloudflare, this makes my page a bit faster, but the problem is that it caches my black admin bar at the top. When the visitor is inspecting the page, he gets to see...
  18. MrDenz

    Letsencrypt & Namecheap SSL

    I just got a fresh domain and hosting and I was not even paying attention because I'm with NameCheap since 2012 and I'm sure it was always free SSL (I might be wrong), and as order details hit my mail, there was no SSL included in all these. The thing is, it is not a problem to pay extra...
  19. strujus

    What cloud or hosting services people are using for movie stream websites?

    Hello, and thanks for reading you absolutely smart people. I'd like to ask if someone can share their knowledge about the hosting or a cloud service that doesn't do auto DCMA takedowns for your pirately stored videos. I've seen a lot of long-time and very successful movie streaming websites...
  20. LuckyAIO

    Developer needed to develop windows C# or Python software

    Hello, Our team is looking for 2 developers to create a C#/python windows software. The main purpose of this software is to buy products on specific website that are protected by multiple scripts like akamai / cloudflare or other security solutions. Skill required: - C# / python (need to...