1. L

    Very Easy Method For Absolute Beginners (Everybody can do it!)

    This Method is a little twist of the this great method: For this Method we will use a Classifieds Website and a Deals Website. I am from Germany. In Germany there are Deals Website like...
  2. C

    Software for online posting

  3. D

    Free 125x125px banner for whole June 2019

    Hi there, couple years ago I was doing already similar giveaways - time to Here is the offer: free 125x125px banner at outlived (dot) // total availability: 12 banners To apply: pm me url to your banner - size 125x125px (preferably hosted by imgur) pm me: link + short description post...
  4. V

    Ranking a Niche specific classifieds website.

    Hello. I have created my niche specific classifieds website. After researching my niche I have seen that it is dominated by one website, I researched the website and picked out the most promising keywords that they are ranking for. But I wonder how to rank a classifieds website? Any ideas are...
  5. MrPenguin

    Anyone do Classifieds posting and know CPA/affiliate networks that accept?

    I'm looking for networks that accept classifieds generated leads - especially construction related. Anyone doing ad posting and know of any networks?
  6. A

    Changing MAC address when changing proxy?

    I am just starting out using proxies for posting to classified sites and am wondering if my accounts will get banned/ ghosted if I don't use a virtual machine or have a allocated MAC address for each IP? Any help is appreciated!
  7. thekingofwholesale

    100 Daily Post On Backpage In Dating Section

    I am looking for a freelancer who can post 100 daily live ads on backpage in the dating section. Please message me for more information.
  8. P

    Duplicate / Syndicated Content Issue for Car Site

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and thought I'd ask for some advice regarding a site I've created. It's an online used car classifieds site, similar to Autotrader etc, users and dealers can post their ads for free. It's not your run of the mill car classifieds site, its taken nearly 2 years to build...
  9. H

    How can I get ranked in google fast

    Google is now update, hey guys have any new suggestions for my free classified website?? give some blackhats techniques
  10. D

    8 free banners till the end end this January

    .. removed
  11. jimjasongo

    Can I flip new classifieds website?

    I can make new classifieds website and get about 50 visitors/day in 2 months, what can I sell them for, will anyone be interested in them? Where can I sell them? Has anyone done that here? What did it go for? I have a few sites and I am earning 10-20$ from adsense, but if I can get even 50$, I...
  12. MrDailyStacks

    [JOURNEY] Classifieds Site - Buy, Sell, and Advertise.

    Hello all, This will be my first journey and my first time trying to build a long-term company/website. Scroll down to view the journey! I REFUSE FOR THIS TO BE ONE OF THESE JOURNEY THREADS THAT FAIL WITHIN THE FIRST YEAR! Background Information I'm quite excited and I know I can be successful...
  13. D

    August give-away - 8 free banners

    hello again, Fresh new August 2016 giveaway - I'm giving 8 free banner spots at till the end of this month. screenshot: Conditions: 1) max 2 banners per user 2) only to sites 3) no gambling, loansharks, adult or sites with harmful content 4) exception #1 - .com...
  14. NicolasDk

    I'm looking for an expert online marketer for an agency in Dubai

    Escort agency in Dubai is looking for a guy who have experience in online marketing in escort industry in Dubai. We are looking for sms marketing, email marketing, profile building on international and national directories, Social Media Marketing, link building, buying good banner traffic from...
  15. W

    Started classifieds website.

    Hi guys, I just started a classifieds website, and like any others - I'm getting hard time to get the traffic. Read a lot of SEO, but as I can see, there are many people that are just copying what is generally known, but not so much that really know what they are doing. I know classifieds is a...
  16. B

    How to mass post on classified websites

    I've found c...gslist to be one of the best traffic sources for my website about local events. Need to scale posting to at least 100 ads a day and then to update them every 2 days for a long period of time. It seems that free proxy lists are not very helpful and I have to buy private proxies...
  17. Z

    Looking for a custom Gumtree/Locanto poster bot

    Looking for someone that's able to create a custom bot for Gumtree and Locanto. It should have the ability to: 1) Post in whichever category i choose 2) Schedule the post at certain times of the day 3) Edit the posts automatically according to a certain schedule that I provide 4) Able to...
  18. Almenocinque

    Submitting sitemap of classifieds site to Webmaster Tools

    Hello, I am creating a classifieds site with WordPress and I was thinking if it would be wise, from a SEO point of view, if I made a sitemap for every ad posted on the site and then submitted the sitemap to Webmaster Tools. Would this help the site's rankings, or would it have a negative effect...
  19. webhostingproviders

    Make Money online Quickly by Placing Ads - FREE

    Today I am going to share few tips how I made quick money by just placing an Ad. By Ad I mean a)Placing a Banner b) Placing an Affiliate link c) Posting a Do Follow link (which is best from SEO prespective and do note few ad companies do accept do follow link) One of my primary income streams...
  20. arplayer2k

    Expert Classified AD Poster WANTED - For Sale Category

    Hello Top Posters, We are looking for an expert classifieds ad poster that is experienced in working on bulk advertising campaigns on the top free classifieds website, C.L. This job requires a specific expertise in the For Sale category. If you are an expert and can post 100 ads daily in a...
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