1. D

    how to get inactive username

    is there any methods to get inactive usernames? the account has 0 posts 14 followers and 0 followings
  2. codeman1234

    How to claim brand username?

    Hello I am looking to claim some usernames of social profiles with my trademark brand. What is the best way to do this? Most of this accounts are been abandoned, so, can someone give me a hint best way to do it? Will be for twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest. Thanks any help will be...
  3. Vrolijk

    How YouTube Fights Fraudulent Copyright Claims and Takedowns

    Some explanation by YouTube;
  4. B

    Any idea how to claim a suspended twitter handle?

    Handle I want has been taken by a suspended account and I need it so that the branding isn't off between social media links. Any idea how to do this?
  5. CrypticLord

    Claim an Unpublished Facebook Page

    Is there any way to claim a page which has no admin available? I know a way to claim a group which has no admin availabe.but is there any option like this about pages? I mean to say spam and disable the admins and claim the page
  6. NicholasVegas

    Lost Bitcoin with Mt.Gox? You can get some of it back

    Article: Hedge Funds Are Buying Account Holders’ Claims to Speculate on Mt.Gox Payout TL;DR: potentially buys your claims (matches you with an investor) at estimated 25% payout rate
  7. whitecat1

    Can you please help me with Paypal Claim

    So, i sold Overwatch+4 other games keys(digital version) for 30 dollars to this guy, we meet on Skype and he seemed nice, and i needed fast cash, Anyway he got the keys and he didn't reply to me. Couple of hours later he opened a claim against me saying that the keys didn't work that an obvious...
  8. T

    BTC Faucet bot - Could it really work? if so why is it so hard to find?

    Hello, first of all this is my first post so hello everyone, I've been reading this forum for a while now and I've found it very interesting and smart ideas and I'd like some insight on this thought please. I have done some calculations on some bitcoin faucets, in particular "freebitcoin"...
  9. O

    Need Help With Paypal Dispute

    Yesterday, I sold a virtual item worth $1300 dollars to a buyer on Ebay with 100% positive feedback from 68 transactions. He messaged me before purchasing the item to negotiate prices and also after purchasing to talk about delivery. He payed me with a confirmed address and a verified Paypal...
  10. angelas111

    Allstate is awesome!! They cut me a check on the spot for my claim!!

    My roof sustained wind/hail damage a couple of months ago (it was pretty old anyway). I discovered this the other day while cleaning my gutters and looking for a wasp nest. I called them and within 24 hours of me opening my claim the adjuster came to my house and inspected my roof and gutters...
  11. S

    is there some secret handshake to get on technorati

    cuz if there is I'd love to know what it is. I've been trying to claim my blog since the crack of noon and get one of two error messages in some sort of random 'surprise pop-up feature' order. It either tells me: "The URL you provided is invalid. Please check the URL and try again." OR...
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