circumventing issue

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    Google ads Suspension Affiliate Marketing

    Hey guys this is my first thread on BHW, I'm a beginner on affiliate marketing i started practically lately and started with GAds as my advertising platform, I ran the campaign with my landing page a legit one then I've got suspended with Circumventing the system policy and i wanna ask you is...
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    Why Do I get Circumventing Every Time?

    If i creted campaign threw google sites mean it goes to circumventing but every day i see many ads are running on same process. why?
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    All Adwords account suspended all the way

    All the adwords account that I have been creating for the past 3 months has never sustained more than 15 days, I have faced the following suspension and the recent account that was created was made to all precautions, yet faced 'Circumventing systems' after a one day review of the account. I use...
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    Adwords Circumventing Issue

    Hi Guys how are you. I am making adwords account but almost in every account am facing circumventing issues & my accounts suspended. Please guide me is there any solution to avoid this circumventing issue. Shall be very thankful. Thanks & Regards