1. IamNRE

    How do you deal with high disputes & refunds?

    What do you guys do to keep disputes & refunds low in shall we say "high risk niches". Many times people are just lying to get something for free (they claim they don't recall making the purchase, product not delivered - when it actually was, fraud/scam etc.) knowing that their bank/credit...
  2. P

    Friendly Transactions for E Commerce Store

    Recently came across somebody offering a service to provide friendly transactions to my store to dilute my chargeback ratio. Has anybody done this before and if so how does it work?
  3. hemd45

    How many Customers will Chargeback me (eBay experiment)

    Hi, I just sold a shitty high risk service on eBay to test how many Customers will Chargeback me. Here are my stats Sales: 468$ Expenses: 0$ (Only my Time) Chargebacks: 35$ (So far) Ebay Account: Still alive PayPal Account: Still alive I will update this Thread once something changes
  4. silver46

    Avoid Chargebacks with Stealth PayPal?

    hello, I work in a niche where paypal chargebacks are a real headache and I'm looking for ways to minimize risk. I have a couple questions and would love to hear some opinions. If I get myself a stealth paypal account and receive a payment, then immediatelly send that payment to my own paypal...
  5. bllec1998

    Best alternatives to stripe on WooCommerce? (Avoid Chargebacks)

    What are the best alternatives to stripe on Woocommerce in order to avoid those undesirable chargeback frauds?
  6. blackma

    [Question] Refund Request on CB

    If I request a refund on the 59th day after purchasing, do i still fall in line with CB's 60 day money back guarantee? CB says it takes 2 days for them to process it but it should be ok if i request it before the 60th day right??? :(
  7. juztin

    WTF! Chargeback from Paypal!!!

    And now my account is frozen... what can I do? I was expecting something like this...I really thought I was lucky and always deal with precautions...Always shipped to the same billing address...verifying the name and always called the buyers if there were anything wrong. And now I am -1k on my...
  8. BHBodeezy

    The Chargeback thread!

    I started this so people can post emails of those that chargeback through paypal. We all know this is an ongoing scam. Well i for one and getting super tired of it. Please list the people that chargeback so we can come here as a reference and check the paypal ids before we send our...
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