1. S

    Modify JavaScript code that publishes draft videos on YouTube.

    Modify JavaScript code that publishes draft videos on YouTube. This code - is able to publish videos on non-monetized youtube channels but not able to do so on monetized channel because these channels have extra steps to...
  2. C

    [JV] CashCow YouTube Channels

    Hello BHW, I am looking to partner with people that have a passion for YouTube or are experienced in content creation to partner up with me to make a few successful cash cow YouTube channels. I have had a passion for YouTube for many years now and have decided to take my passion into action. I...
  3. B

    What's going on with these channels: Steveee and Megamanny

    Guys, these channels blow up out of nothing. They post less than 1 minute video, but not shorts. No tags. Thousands of views. Thoughts?
  4. dotaboy

    Youtube subscribers are dropping in many channels

    Hello everyone, I manage some Youtube channels and they are facing subscribers dropping. About 50-60% subscribers of those channels are gone. All subscribers come from the same source, but only the subscribers in 25 to 27 are dropping. Anyone facing the same problem?
  5. Speedlearner

    2 Channels & 1 Suspended What Will Happen?

    Guys 1 of my channel was suspended on that account. will the other channel will be suspended also for long term because. this channel is active 8 months now just wondering if the other will be affected this is on same account. because im slowly building it. Anyone has same experience
  6. S

    TV news copyrights

    Hi BHWers , I have a question and I want to get answers from here . I see a lot of youtubers use news tv channel videos ( like cnn , foxnews...) and displaying ads on these videos without getting banned from youtube is this because news videos haven't copyrights ? anyone to answer ( especially...
  7. PromozBro

    Binary Options - best channel to use?

    Hi all. Im looking at starting my first affiliate campaign. Been playing with the idea what to try first. Ive got the niche set - Binary Options. Ive heard through the grapevine of success stories using social media BUT what about Mail lists? I reckon if I can get a good clean list of about...
  8. S

    want to make a streaming website

    Hello, I want to make a streaming website and I want to make my own stream I don't want to use other's embed but I have no idea how to do it, and some website provide a stream for 10,20 or even more channels streaming how the heck? I wanna stream just 2 channels. any hint, help or suggestion pls?
  9. bich nich

    How the f*ck do these "kid friendly" youtube channels get so many views??

    i am BAFFLED at some of these god d*mned kids videos on youtube. hopefully i found the perfect place to discuss how these lazy *ss people get so many views and ads on their videos. ill give you some examples: this guy is just playing a modded version of GTA V: and this lazy b*stard is...
  10. B1k

    Youtube --- How to Get Views ?

    Hello its my first post.... After close my channels i need views anyone can tell me how to get views for free categories - sport(football) entertainment (memes) i Have 2 channel
  11. T

    hello do u know any networks guys

    hello do u know any networks guys hey guys i have anime and gaming channels i know some networks they didn't accept me do u know any networks guys please help me
  12. H

    Fullscreen Partner and Old channels questions ?

    Your questions pm me ?
  13. I

    YouTube Closed Down My YouTube Channels in 3 Days.

    I had 3 YT Channels and I just uploaded some trending, here and there stuff for example some clips from new movies etc etc. They closed down my channel which I made my money and the money that supported me but once the first channel got closed I didn't really care until yesterday my other two...
  14. Driezzie

    Multiple YouTube accounts and 1 Analytics program ?

    Hi, is there something out there or someone who programmed it maybe on this forum that allows you to see different youtube channels or videos in 1 sort of analytics program ? Very annoying when you have to check each Youtube channel individualy in the "analyse" section. You can only connect...
  15. J

    Latest Solution! Premium Video Backlinks <<SpEED RANK>> 2 Tier! Social, Wikis, & Much Moar

    Video Creation Service Media has always played a strong part in all sorts of businesses; the main reason is media uses two mediums images and videos. Both of these mediums do nothing but pass on your concept easily, all of your target audience get your point of view quite easily. There is No...
  16. R

    I BUY YOUTUBE comments/rates/subscribes/favorites/channel-views/etc

    - Hi. I'm looking for buying comments/rates/subscribes/favorites/channel-views Youtube. And if you DON'T do all the features, all the services, contact me too ! Please give me your list price for each feature please. Please PM me, Thanks -
  17. S

    Multiple accounts open in youtube....

    Is there any way to open different accounts at the same time in youtube with out logging out. For example i have 5 accounts and i want to have them all open to save time as i am rating my videos from other channels and leaving comments. I know its sad but please answer the question...
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