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Aug 17, 2017
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Hi BHWers ,
I have a question and I want to get answers from here .
I see a lot of youtubers use news tv channel videos ( like cnn , foxnews...) and displaying ads on these videos without getting banned from youtube
is this because news videos haven't copyrights ?
anyone to answer ( especially if you have experience in such thing)
What is copyright ? - Right to copy i.e. the moment you express anything in written form you get copyright.

All News Channels - share/express news in their original presentation so they get their own copyright. Same principle applies on Books, News Papers etc.

Hope that helps.

I think I badly said what I wanted to say .
some youtubers use CNN , FOXNEWS, BBC videos on their channels with displayed ads
SO they get paid for videos that do not belong to them .
did u understand what I want to say?
If the content belongs to CNN, BBC or any other news channel & is identified by youtube then its upon the BBC, CNN whether they want to serve ads on that video which the youtube user uploaded or ban the user. Generally upon uploading copyrighted content & once identified as copyright infringement the revenue earned on that clip goes the original content owner, hence the youtube user dosen't earn a single dime!
Definitely, they have copyright. But they don't concern about this. Nothing else.
But when they will take into consideration, these channels will vanish asap.
So better leave this thought. Stick to your content.
Well they do get copyright claims and after that their channel will get taken down. Its like playing with fire, You can earn a good amount if you can hide from those channels but not for too long.
absolutely this is copy right. in this reason most of you tube Chanel are gone in band. But some of then are not band because of they using some tricks. When take it they are some extra editing of the video .. like sound, graphics, length. some time youtube can read this copy right, some time can not. but most of the copyright video are added extra video editing.

copy right is bad side in internet world. so its not positive rating a Chanel or website. So we need to avoid it.
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