1. grant young

    Journey to $100 with TikTok and Gambling

    I started a Tiktok algorithm knowledge thread like a week ago, and I'm going to move it here and continue the thread here because I want to keep it updated as a journey post. I also was very inspired by journeys when I first began and so maybe I could pass that along and inspire some other...
  2. M

    Challenge to make 70$ solving Captcha in Megatypers.

    Hello guys, Today, I was solving some captchas in Megatypers and say to my self why not trying to challenge myself to solve 100k images or captchas. Know that : 1000 images gives you 0.7$ 100k gives you 70$ I know that will be tiring and can not be considered like as an...
  3. S

    My Writing And Publishing Journey 2020.

    My Writing And Publishing Journey 2020 - Challenge To Write And Publish Half A Million Words In 160 Days. I am giving myself this public challenge because I need a kick in my lazy butt. The first time I gave myself a 30 writing challenge, I posted about it in a Facebook group. Surprisingly...
  4. mhtro

    [48HR Challenge] Mhtro

    I was not expecting to be a part of this challenge, and I joined the rooster in the last moment :p I tried to make it even harder for myself by using simple ideas and resources that you can find in the member downloads section, plus I have to do meal planning and exercises for the next months...
  5. TheBizCat

    [KICKOFF] 48 Hour Challenge!

    Time for kickoff! We are unfortunately 1.5 hours late to begin, thus we will run the challenge an additional 1.5 hours into Sunday to compensate. The official start time is 6:30 PM EST 5/31/2019 and will run until 6:30 PM EST 6/2/2019 Here is the finalized lineup. @TheBizCat @GoGuerilla...
  6. Degen

    [48hour challenge] Stewielenor

    Hi this is my progression thread of the 48 hour challenge. I will be doing Youtube + Affiliate marketing + reddit posting. Things that will be used Youtube account using an my personal email + relative old channel which is unused. Affiliate marketing, chose seoclerk affiliate program(0...
  7. TheBizCat

    A BHW Wide 48 Hour Challenge

    I had an idea for a challenge awhile back for something I thought would be cool and I was curious to see if any other BHW member (or members!) would be interested in competing againsed me in the challenge. Basically, the challenge would be to see exactly how much one could earn in a 48 hour...
  8. F

    Hey would love feedback on me and my wife’s channel

    I’m looking forward to working with ppl in the LA area looking for feed back and support for my channel on YOUTUbE @Fnsgbluesleeves let’s me know how you feel and like the channel
  9. elsolo5o

    Hello! - Do you like the challenges?!?

    hello.;) i'm new...( here and as a webmaster) i lost my job and i need to build a blog and a landing page for commercial purpose(this is not a problem) but i need to reach a maximum of subscribers in 1year with your help, what results can i expect?:suspicious:(provocation):anyway:
  10. CPI marketeer

    10 Hour Money Making Challenge

    Dear BlackHatWorld users, I'm back at it again with a new Journey thread, but it is a little different than others. Starting 09:00 CET I will do the 10 hour challenge I thought up. In this challenge I will be starting with €50 and will be trying to make as much money as possible in the 10 hours...
  11. M

    Seo Challenge: Serp Domination in 1 month or YOU'RE FIRED!

    Hi guys, I am in a complicated situation at my workplace, I have to dominate a serp in 1 month.... The good news is the keyword it's not so disputed, is the keyword of the product that the startup company own. The bad news is, all the affiliates uses blackhat. The top serp is filled with blogs...
  12. marly

    BHW challenge project [TEST]

    I've created a test. I don't know whether this has ever been done before. I don't know how big the members interests are in trying (if not, just let this topic die), but I do know I'd be enthusiastic to see what we can achieve. I also think it would be a real achievement for our site. To get...
  13. Finn

    Ste Fishkin Requested Video - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

    Challenge Accepted.
  14. A

    What are the most challenging problems you faced as an IM?

    Being in IM for years making money online, what are the most challenging problems you faced? And how did you deal with it?
  15. P

    Blackhat Challenge from the new guy.

    OK so you've been around for a while, tried all kinds of things. You spent money dozens of times on things that suck, and picked up a few gems along the way. Here's the challenge based on what you know now... You are locked in a prison cell with only enough food to last you 1 month before you...
  16. F

    Attention All Hackers: Heres a challenge.

    NVM Sorry about this wrong section please delete this
  17. M

    Challenge thread - HELP needed

    Hi everyone, I'm a complete noob at this and I need some help! I have $71 sitting in my paypal account and with this I need make some money! What I need is a method, tried and tested and it being something I can do with $71. Im willing to buy tools etc but the total method must not...
  18. ExtraWinner

    [challenge] How long to $50 a day from Adsense?

    Challenge: I will check how fast I can make $50 in one day from Adsense starting from scratch. I will find a niche, then create a website, and do some SEO to get to #1. My plan is to aim for huge traffic entertainment keyword, where visitors will stick. Regular website. All white hat. 1 hour of...
  19. B

    Adsense Challenge to $5 / day

    This is the first post of the series Yet Another Challenge(YAC): Adsense. It has been a long time since I did some internet marketing, but I'm back in the game. So I want to start small again and scale it up. My goal for this case study is to reach $5 / day in 5 months of time with adsense and...
  20. N

    A Big google SEO challenge

    Hi Guys, I have been around on the forum for quite some time now & today have something interesting to discuss. We have heard all those things like "Go for a niche", "Go for high paying words with less competition", "Leave the first 1000 Google Trends keywords" etc etc. But today I have decided...
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