call center

  1. illuminateme

    Any Cold Calling outbound Call Center members here with experience?

    I'm being offer a seemingly great deal for USA/Canada outbound calling manpower, this method isn't something i'm familiar with yet. Any of you guys know the industry and care to share what are some offers to possible single call closing, or multiple call closing? Maybe JV if you like to hand...
  2. bitcoin32

    Where to buy voip with Bitcoin

    Hello, I need to buy voip service with bitcoin what can you suggest thanks
  3. M

    German / English Call centre wanted

    Hello all, We are looking for a call centre to work with us on large projects. The location of the call centre doesn't matter, most of the time it's in Turkey / Albania / India / Eastern Block of EU. The call centre must speak German and English, i.e. have German and English speaking callers...
  4. R

    Opening a call center, need opinions and suggestions.

    Hello All, I am thinking to open a call center business in a third World country providing Hot leads to first World companies. The niche would be Home Improvement and Solar Energy panel installations. I will be prodiving them hot leads that are looking for Home Improvement services or Solar...
  5. Bigcookies

    Cold Calling

    Does anyone know of any free call center software thats capable of power dialing I know they exist but im having a hard time finding them
  6. sanelbaky

    Looking for clients for my Call Center

    Hello to all. I'm owner of call center with operators hub,s in USA and EU, with very good pricing matrix (per hour) and experience more than 10 years in business. But, due this pandemic - good number of our clients are closed - temporary or permanently. So...I'm searching for new clients. We...
  7. soperwq1911

    [WTH] Call centres wanted who also speak German! - Long term projects / Good payment

    Hello, we are looking for contact with a call centre. As we have some projects and companies where someone has to answer the phone to talk to our clients, we need a competent call centre. It is important that your callers speak German on the phone, preferably fluently or at least only with a...
  8. M

    Chinese speaking contractors to cold-call

    Hello we are looking for Chinese speaking contractors to cold-call companies and offer financial products. Kindly respond if you are interested in the position by providing your contact information.
  9. fmbaba01

    Call center guys, what is the difference between leads and loads?

    I have been trying to read up on this but not much information on it. This conversation came up when a partner of mine called me up that he is got good number of LOADS in USA Personal Finance: Payday loans, SSID-Disability applicants, Biz-ops, Mortgage, Mobile, coupons, gambling applicants et...

    Call center & BPO services.

    Dear members of BHW. Just wanted to know if there is anyone working in call center or bpo industry. i don't see any posts related to this field. good luck.
  11. Mirkogiovannetti

    Call Center ALBANIA

    Hi Guys, some time ago I heard about Albanian call centers here who can look for business leads. Could you recommend me some good companies to rely on?
  12. RonyKing247

    Call Center: Subscription Support Services.

    I want to ask if anyone run call center here, and if they run subscription support services in their center. Anticipate and appreciate responses.
  13. sysco32

    WTH call provider

    Hi, We are looking to hire somebody who is able to generate calls in a high volume.Preferably 500+ daily. Different geos have different pricing. Verticals of the calls,niche,price,geo etc will be discussed thoroughly. Contact for more details.
  14. Heiko

    Inside a Scam Call Center

    Interesting video, thought i'd share it with my fellow BHW Friends.
  15. SEOWorlock

    I need Indian Call Center Staff

    I need people from India who are working on call center or are associated in any way with call centers to hire them for research and outbound calling for my company. Please PM if you are interested and will send you my contact to talk online. For best ones I will pay good rate. Interested on...
  16. Determined Diva

    Why call centers?

    Hi everyone I have been approached to go into partnership with someone who owns a call centre. He has a crazy number when it comes to customer database, therefore I understand the infinite reach I would have with it. I would like to know your opinion about call centers and it's potential. Thanks xxx
  17. T

    Third Party Payment Processor

    Hello all, We're a Canadian based BPO company who runs Debt Solution campaigns. We are in need of third party merchant accounts. Our weekly volume is $100k (genuine sales only) and we work on 72 hrs payment cycle.
  18. yesitspossible

    Call Center business plan suggestions

    Hi, I'm planning to start a business based on my research to grab the clients. But I need suggestions in some areas:- 1. Which software/service to use to make dozens of calls daily that may be cheaper and provide call recording service as well. 2. Which software/spreadsheet to use for keeping...
  19. M

    Which network good to for PPC Media Buying

    Hi, I am very new in Pay Per Call publisher environment, I need help on choosing networks that is good for running campaign and also good in conversion Thanks
  20. R

    Payday Data - Great connectivity

    Looking for someone to dial on payday generated data - around 9-10k daily. shoot me your skype or pm me , thanks!
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