1. Z

    (Paid) Need Cable ISP email account for sell or someone to create them for me

    Hello BHW. So I'm new here and i'm working in Email marketing. And i have this data list for Sbcglobal, Centurylink, Comcast and Verizon. The only thing is i can't test the deliver-ability of my emails if they are inbox or spam because to have an email account for these ISPs it's subscription...
  2. Gucci Pums

    How to intercept Digital satellite signal?

    i have Docsis 2.0 from Scientific Antlanta Webster Modem which i want to use for internet with my subscription to Multichoice Dstv. i also have a 5 way coax splitter. i have connected the coax cable that comes from Dish LNB to the IN port of the splitter then i have connected the Decoder with...
  3. M

    Easy Money

    Buy my product off eBay for £2.99 and leave 5* feedback and I will pay you back £4. PM if interested
  4. F

    FREE-VSTREAMTV Streaming TV Movies Sports With No Cable Satellite Fees

    With the proposed net nutrality FCC law being voted on and passed today, one wonders how high the cable rates will go as we all know what happens when government gets involved. lol With new quad-4 processor technology used to stream every channel on cable or satellite, and do it for no monthly...
  5. hustlenomics916

    Don't sign up to Dish Network until you read this and save $50

    Dish network has a super deal going on, if you sign up to the Hopper package ( if you did not know the hopper is just about as good as a smart T.V. check out the video below to see details. If you are looking to get a cable or satellite provider than why not save with dish For those who message...
  6. K

    DirecTV bill blaster!!! This info is "Priceless"

    What's up fellow black hatters! For the past 5 years I've been compiling this secret information that allows customers to save over $1500 on their dtv bill and upgrade their equipment for free. Dtv has millions of customers that have no idea Of this secret. Their "clueless". Which is one...
  7. K

    how to generate SATELLITE or CABLE TV sales

    Hi guys this is my first post!!! ive been trolling the website for months and have finally decided to join. hopefully after a few failed/succesfull campaigns i can contribute something of value but for now i am seeking advice on my first adventure to start promoting cable and satelitte tv. i...
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