How to intercept Digital satellite signal?

Gucci Pums

Oct 27, 2016
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i have Docsis 2.0 from Scientific Antlanta Webster Modem which i want to use for internet with my subscription to Multichoice Dstv.
i also have a 5 way coax splitter.

i have connected the coax cable that comes from Dish LNB to the IN port of the splitter then i have connected the Decoder with the splitter as well as the Cable modem.
but unfortunately the signal goes down but when i remove the Modem the TV plays.

From what i know the LNB is powered by the Decoder so if i remove the Decoder then it will be no signal being sent to the Modem.
i cant figure out how can the Modem work and i asked and he said that the signal comes from LNB encrypted then the smartcard decrypts it so the modem does nt have the decryption key.

i thought maybe the power that is being sent by the Decoder to LNB wont be enough if the Modem is connected but i cant figure out how to solve that.

if someone knows please help!!!
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