1. S

    How to Stop Huawei mobile partner from connecting to the internet automatically when the software starts

    How to Stop Huawei mobile partner from connecting to the internet automatically when the software starts My Huawei mobile partner connects to the internet automatically. How do I stop that? This is the screenshot - . There is nowhere in the settings to stop that. I...
  2. daibu

    Questions about creating 4G mobile proxies

    I need to create 4G mobile proxies. I've learned a bit online, but I'm still unclear on a few things. I need some additional knowledge to get to the finish line. Here's the setup I'm aiming for: - Multiple proxies in various countries (I have locations where I can plug stuff in). - Ideally...
  3. Gucci Pums

    How to intercept Digital satellite signal?

    i have Docsis 2.0 from Scientific Antlanta Webster Modem which i want to use for internet with my subscription to Multichoice Dstv. i also have a 5 way coax splitter. i have connected the coax cable that comes from Dish LNB to the IN port of the splitter then i have connected the Decoder with...
  4. J

    How can log out from router gateway address for D- Link 2730 U ?

    I am using D-Link 2730 U. I want to know that how i can log out from router gateway address. I cant find log out button at gateway address. I look all tabs but did not find. My second question is the that how can I access router gateway address only through the LAN ? Now I can...
  5. R

    Newbie needs help...

    How to hide ip address using a proxy? alot of advertising companies seem to get my ip address some how and offer me items from the searches i perform online. Any help would be awesome.
  6. V

    Changing IP! Cable or Wireless?

    Hi ;) I have cable modem and there is no way to change my ip, tryed many ways! So i am thiking if i buy routher and wirless network card for my pc. The qusestion is: Can it be easy to change ip if i have wireless network? Iam on Youtube blacklist and my videos are getting deleted, thats...
  7. H

    Why I Never Need A Proxy. Change Your IP in 3 clicks and 15 seconds.

    I've been trying to build my presence here lately as I mostly just lurk around so I fiqured I'd share a super easy way to change your IP address if you have a dynamic connection. *If this is in the wrong section I apologize as I wasn't sure. OK 1) open up notepad (not word or wordpad) and type...
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