buy domain

  1. M

    Where to buy domains for BH projects?

    So far Njalla, Godaddy and namecheap have suspended my domains, or friends domains, any suggestions for a domain provider for BH projects?
  2. H

    Who can sale to me domain ( .fr .my and more)

    I need to buy some Domains, who can sale to me please contact: [email protected] .fr .my
  3. onlinework

    Should I buy this domain?

    I need some opinions. The domain use to be a legit website in the past and the domain name was first registered in 2005. I want to buy it since it I checked and it is under $10 available for purchase at some of the domain registars. PA 30 DA 25 and below is a backlink data. I see there are some...
  4. H

    I want to start domain flipping. Tell me truth?

    I got an idea to start to buy and sell domain names. This business model seems easy to start with low cost, of course, I know I need to make a deep research before I can start seriously doing it. I need your help to tell me what is truth, how much effort it needs, and what kind of experience...
  5. Priince1337

    How to secure a domain after Redemption Grace Period?

    I have my eye on a few domains that have been terminated some time ago, but are currently in Redemption Grace Period (I know the exact date since I know the owner). There is no option to directly the transfer from the previous owner to me, unfortunately. How do I make sure, that I will be able...
  6. syphaxmail

    (Give Away) Expired Domain/websites name with DA 30-80

    Hi All, I am not sure this give away is worthy or not. I have access to two website where I can check available expired domain name.(with source name from where you can purchase it) I want to make this give away as return to this platform/community. Please advise me as I am very new to domain...
  7. PremiumAds

    Looking for someone who can provide bulk domains

    I currently have a business venture where I need multiple domains, these can be used just for a few weeks and don't need to be .com, I just need to be able to get them for cheap, 100 domains for $200 for example. If you can get the domains for cents then there's a lot of business to be made as I...
  8. Impressor

    Does GoDaddy use your searches against you?

    This is getting frustrating now. I search Godaddy for some possible domains. Leave. Come back after some mins. The domain's gone. It's unavailable. Happened more than a couple of times. I don't think it's mere coincidence. Ever happened to any of you?
  9. M

    Want to buy an aged domain with a perfect reputation.

    Hello! I want to buy an aged domain that got a lot of traffic from Facebook and thus has a good domain reputation on Facebook. The content on the domain is not really relevant to me, as long as it is white hat. It could e.g. be an old blog, a Shopify webshop, etc. If you have a suiting...
  10. Kennybryant15

    Where I can buy domain in cheap?

    I want to buy . com domains at cheap rate and in bulk. If someone have any coupon, please drop. Thank you
  11. C

    Premium brandable TECH domains for affiliate money sites and redirects. Avg. DR~24, DA~27, RD~150

    Hello, guys! My name is Alex and I am here to offer authority brandable domains with great links in tech niches - gadgets, apps, software, cyber security, SEO, SMM, online marketing, web design, hosting, programming, gaming, and others. Please keep in mind that I previously used some of the...
  12. David719

    How can I buy expired domains?

    Hi guys, can you help me? How can I buy expired domains with whole contents? (article..etc). Thank you for your answer!!
  13. unsungwarrior

    Expired Domain needed - tech niche

    I want an expired domain in the tech niche. It should not be a PBN in the past. There should be no redirects and no drops in the past. DA should be greater than 20. DR should be greater than 20. Backlink profile should be clean, nothing spammy. TF/CF ratio of 1-2 would be ideal. PM me the...
  14. Sakir

    From where we can buy cheap domain/hostinng?

    now a days every service provier charge a huge amount for domain and hosting which is best now a days especially for EMD or Brand website
  15. Value Stuff

    Get .com Domain in GoDaddy Limited Time Offers.

    Hi BHWer If you want to buy a lot of .com Domain then its Right Time to buy .com domain under .99$ in GoDaddy. Its Limited Time Offers i don't know how much time the offers will be lasted so take advantage after the offers expire. Used Coupon Code (Not any types of affiliate code) code:- GOFD2001AJ
  16. J

    Looking someone that can offer good expired domain

    I am looking for bunch of expired domains for PBN. Niche : Online Gambling / Sports / Casino Games Using Ahrefs for measurement, looking for domains that have high URL rating (>30). Clear profile of backlinks, aged domains, not being penalized by Google.
  17. KJREDDY247@

    .info, .org, .online advice

    I have some domains with extensions. online , .info , .org where there other tld of the same names .com, .biz, and .net are at premium prices to buy. So, is it worth to keep them for some days and sell it later, or good to sell it now?
  18. KJREDDY247@

    Any free listing services to sell domains?

    I have bought some good domains( at least I feel they are good because I bought them ;)) Is there any platforms available to list them and sell them for free.
  19. B

    Which is the best domain marketplace for selling domain names?

    The marketplaces have been showing more response than the other platforms all together..
  20. F

    Can't believe i spent $654 on my domain name

    Hi, Last night someone was taking the piss to the max in bidding on a domain name i wanted. sadly they pushed the bid to $654. I still think it was worth it since its a .com domain which i already owned the version of the name. 2 months ago someone on 123 reg was trying to sell the...
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