1. E

    I need an advice or idea..

    First of all, greetings to all. I have been reading the forum for a very long time as a guest, and since I have just come to seek advice, I had to register. Anyway, I am writing to you from Bosnia (southeast Europe- non EU), which is probably very important for this topic. So, a family member...
  2. D

    What would you do if you had 30K usd to invest ?

    i need some ideas what would you try to invest, like a bussiness , online bussiness or what else?
  3. grandstar


    5 Star Google Map Reviews For Your Business Google Reviews send buyers a positive or negative response to your business, online shop, restaurant, or requirements. You can Expect your SEO rank of google reviews. Scroll down you can see the advantage of perching google reviews We will discuss...
  4. alsonfrog

    Question to the old-timers of the forum

    If I need an investment or a business partner, who can I contact here on the forum? I'm new, I don't know all the honors. So I apologize if my topic is inappropriate here.
  5. Mane.D

    Marketing idea online store

    Hey guys, I need your help I have an online store for my country I buy things and then I'm trying to sell so I need an idea of how to make some marketing what to put in the package business card? what to write I want something so I can make people to share my store ( i don't have a website I'm...
  6. T

    Search Local Guides from Google Maps for jobs.

    The work consists of suggesting a web page in a file that is not of my property. You would be paid per published web page, not for the tries
  7. S

    Looking For Yelp Review

    Hello I am searching for freelancer who can give me yelp.ca 5-star review non drop and sticky
  8. ZarofimX

    Hey people :)

    Hello guys i have been watching this forum for a long time anonymously and i have seen alot of valuable information and guides that kinda helped me on my entreprenuer journey. And i am very grateful that there is such kind of forum. My dream is to become a millionaire and i plan to focus mainly...

    [Journey] Ecommerce +Accounts on Classified ad APPs + Ebay and other dropship (EUtoEU only)

    Hello! I want to pressent a new Journey that i am creating. I have experience with online sales, and now im going to try a new method. At this moment im selling some good items that i buy on Ebay at the best price. I sell this items through new APPs of second-hand items. Hand by hand with the...
  10. C

    Hello every one!!

    Nice to meet you!
  11. D

    Where to find clients? (question to business owners)

    I started a software company. where can I find clients to do work for? I can find employees more easily but I have no idea where to look for if I need clients
  12. A

    How Do You Get Traffic ?

    Isn't it very expensive? I'm wondering before starting my business how long is it to get revenue with the high traffic cost of 0.50$+ per click
  13. NicholasVegas

    THE ONLY 3 ways of making money

    I have not seen anybody say this here before, so I am creating a Thread about an awesome quote from a movie. (to the Mods: correct me if I am wrong but I believe I posted this thread in the correct place) Margin Call (2011) imdb.com/title/tt1615147 Quote: "There are three ways to make a...
  14. Prize Poet

    Wordpress on Hosting Or Direct Purchase from Wordpress.com (Pros and Cons)

    Instead of Hosting Wordpress on other sites , can't we purchase the Wordpress Premium or Bussiness plan directly from Wordpress.com and install Adsense,Chitika etc....