1. J

    [WTB] TikTok Bot

    I want to hire somebody who can code me a TikTok Bot Ideally a Bot with all Features included: Views Live-View (for Live Video) Account Creation Likes Comment Follow Share Everything with Requests and NOT with BrowserAutomation like Selenium/Puppeteer, except Account Creation. Account...
  2. S

    Need a bot/software to post on this sites

    hello if anyone knows a bot or software free or paid so i can post/build backlinks on this websites really appreciate your...
  3. S

    Need help finding the right programmer

    I want to build a social network from the ground up I have a creative idea and have a strong feeling my idea will work , due to seeing a previous website in the past doing the same thing, but just with a different niche .. Here’s what I’ve done so far 1) locked in my website domain name and...
  4. IlyesPoke

    Build a website like this

    Hi everyone, Do you have an idea on how create a website like this : Or also how much it would cost me? Thanks !
  5. thebotmaker

    [FREE] Ultimate List of Content Creation Tools / Resources
  6. Speppo

    Quotes App Builder

    Hi all, i searched a lot on the web but i didn't find a no-coding app builder with a quotes template so i think that i'll build it from scratch can you advise me what's the best no-coding app maker online, according to your experience? Paid of course Thx
  7. Goldiiing

    Help a newbie.

    So, long story short. I can get traffic & i've now bought a script to upload to a website (GENERATOR SCRIPT). Questions are: Do I buy a domain name (.com/ Do I use there hosting? Do I need a private proxy? Basically I need a quick step by step of what to do from now... I'm good at...
  8. M

    Just got a hell of a deal on a laptop it needs a hard driver help.

    I just got a steal on a laptop at a local close out electronic auction. It doesnt have the hard driver. Im not to tech savy. I know how to use computers pretty good i dont know much when it comes to the brains on the computer. I heard you can run a computer without a harddrive is that true...
  9. Alex0

    Looking for BackLinks Builder

    Hi I am looking for quality Backlinks builder for my website. If anyone experienced please inform me. Thanks
  10. X

    How to Build Private Blog Network..

    Hello folks, I decided to build my own PBN, but i need your help. First thing i want to know is how costly it can be to maintain a proper Network including domain registration, hosting and etc. On average how much it will cost me to create one fully functional site. Keeping in mind that i...
  11. M

    NEED WORKING::Youtube view Bot ::2016 june: Challenge you

    All the bots out there do not work.. Ive tried them ALL, wasted a LOT of time. I even tried building one in zennoposter... no go I need a youtube view bot that is ABOVE ALL 10000% working and works with the monetized videos i have...maybe clicks on the ad and then closes the window. 1. low...
  12. ssmk2401

    How do build a smm panel server?

    Hello there. I am a currently a social media followers / likes reseller and I would like to build my own server to take care of my customer's orders. So far I have been using SMM panel to complete order and I know none about building a server. Can anyone help me with this task? Would like to...
  13. K

    [help] how to build a price comparison website

    Hello, I want to build a price comparison website where people could search for a product and real time price from different online retailers gets listed. I want to monetize through affiliate links and possibly google adsense. I have experience in setting up Wordpress. Please suggest a way...
  14. W

    Great PBN Tutorial

    I was doing a bit of research trying to figure out the best way to build my own private blog network. I had been acquiring domains for a few months now and have a few cheap hosts that I have been throwing them on temporarily. During my research I found two schools of dollar...
  15. S

    Looking to build a home server box for scrapebox, senuke, misc tools

    Does anyone have any experience building a home server that runs scrapebox, senuke, and other tools 24/7? I am very tech knowledgeable and I can put this together, I am just looking for some advice that would save me time and/or money. I'm hoping to use spare parts I have like a 950T AMD CPU...
  16. belgianguy

    Need some help with building private high pr network

    I'm planning to buy a bunch of high pr domains and use them to rank my money site. I have read this works great, but I'm not certain how to go about this. I'm hoping someone here can answer my questions: 1) When you buy a high pr domain, can you only put high pr link on homepage? If you build a...
  17. F

    Greetins with some questions!

    Hi all! First of all, it's a grat forum, i'm glad that i found this. I was just a reader for months but now i made my account to ask few questions. *PS! My englis is quite bad, sorry about that but i hope you will understand :) Well, let's get to the point :) I would like to make some extra...
  18. R

    Need a bot to scrape/extract quotes from website

    Looking for someone that can build a simple bot to extract/scrape quotes from a website. It would need to be from newest to oldest and the ability to save to text file. Also i want it to space the contact apart and do as many pages as i need.
  19. M

    How to Build Traffic on Youtube for Free or Low Cost?

    Hey BHW, I'm wondering how I could build traffic on Youtube for my channel for Free or Low Cost, I currently have a channel sitting around 200 subscribers, and I create gaming commentary videos I have confidence in, both in content and keywords.
  20. K

    Need a MNS built

    Hello all, I need a MNS built, seo optimized with plugins (let me know which ones you have). I have 5 articles that will need to be posted, and meta tagged. let me know a quote and etc.
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