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    Hi all!

    First of all, it's a grat forum, i'm glad that i found this. I was just a reader for months but now i made my account to ask few questions. *PS! My englis is quite bad, sorry about that but i hope you will
    understand :)

    Well, let's get to the point :) I would like to make some extra income via web (like most of us). I was thinking about adult website(s), since i don't produce any kind of adult material (no videos or photos), i
    would like to be a affiliate to some sites (atm i'm in ClickCash, it's nice, it has tons of promo tools and active forum) If you like to try, it would be nice if you join as my reff.
    ok, now, Things i have learned, correct me, if i'm wrong (that's why i ask your help and some protips).

    My TO DO list:
    1. Get domain and host (i was thinking about godaddy, it has good prices and plans)
    2. Niche - since it's quite hard to find something new, i was thinking about parking my domain (it may sound stupid, but choose parking because: premade template, built in affiliate links to provider).
    OR is parking a waste of time? Eny ideas?
    3. Get traffic for my site (parked or not). I think best way would be just buy adspace on 18+ sites, share link via twitter and forums etc... As i understand, if i buy traffic it's not wery quality traffic, most
    of the clicks are made by bots, no one will click on my affiliate ads etc.
    4. Keep site alive :)

    So guys, what do i should do, are those points right, did i miss something? Eny tips would be great, because my goal is to make extra cash with affiliate program(s). I was thinking about blog too (made one), but first of,
    it's quite hard to blog about porn everyday, lol, and second, i'm quite busy at work (not everyday, but offten). Is it wise to send traffic straight to the landing page?

    Or is adult affiliate programs "dead", since videotube sites came (everyone get their porndose for free :) ).

    I would be very glad to have some protips, ideas or what ever to get on the feet and make my goal!

    Thank you all and have a nice day/night!

    *again, i'm sorry ab. my bad english ;)
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    Just get started with something. You will learn a lot over a few days by just getting something going. It's like writing a paper: Jot down something, get a few paragraphs written and then you can go back and refine it later.

    This didn't answer any of your questions. I encourage you to take action and then in your downtime, check the forum and critique your craft
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