1. M9MMM

    How to send from a VPS server (paid by the hour) massmailing?

    I would like to send massmailing from a VPS server (paid by the hour). These will be query emails, I am interested in bounces in case after sending it turns out that the mailing address does not exist (hard bounce). Based on this, I would like to filter out emails from my database that no...
  2. kurosaki4d

    What is the bounce server for ?

    Hi all, I'm currently using an emailing app that it set with my SMTP server. It's already set i've sent a few emails for testing, it's working good ! However, i keep reading that bounce server is important, i searched in the net can't understand realy what it's for ? Do i realy need it ? Can...
  3. sendlerad

    CLEAN YOUR EMAIL DATA & IMPROVE EMAIL DELIVERABILITY - Suppression Data Collaboration Service

    Dear, BHW Member If you are 'Email Marketer', You probably are familiar with the importance of keeping email data CLEAN from - Spam-traps; Hard & Soft Bounce; Bad Domain MX, Keywords, Role & DIsposable Email Data; Suppression & Complainers Data...
  4. G

    CTR / Dwell Time - How much does it affect your rankings?

    I've been reading a lot on CTR and dwell time and how it can effect rankings etc. I was just wondering how many of you believe it's a factor? I'm asking because I'm in a very competitive industry where bounce rates can be very high and dwell times can be very low depending on what they are...
  5. N

    How can I keep my website visitors around longer:

    I've been using this killer service called 'Woopra'. It's like google analytics but you can watch what your visitors do real time and that data is held for a year. So I saw my visitor's patterns and noticed that if they look at 2 news articles they stick around but some look at one and bounce...
  6. Ramsweb

    High Bounce rate - Not necessarily a bad thing IMO

    Generally, if you looked at anyone's post on On-Page SEO, they will tell you that a low bounce rate is very good for your site. While people going to multiple pages on a domain is always good news, a high bounce rate does not necessarily mean that your site is crap. Just think of the following...
  7. Ramsweb

    What is your Bounce Rate???

    Hi there guys I was interested to see what fellow blackhatters have for a bounce rate on their website. No one obviously has a 0% bounce rate and it all depends on the niche you are in, the type of website you have and so on and on... But, throw out your bounce rate % if you don't mind...
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