1. shags38

    Are Bookmark sites like Google Bookmarks of any SEO value?

    For eCommerce sites with lots of products is there any SEO value in bookmarking product pages on sites like Google Bookmarks - Pocket - InstaPaper and Mix ?? My product pages contain internal links in the description text - in Pocket when I open a saved page the internal link shows as...
  2. MonteCarlos

    DAMN, It's Getting Bigger and Bigger all the time. It has become Really HUGE!

    To clarify things, I'm talking about my Bookmarks list. As time goes by and I add new entries all the time, this list has become really huge! :) How do you guys handle this kind of stuff? I'm thinking of exporting in html and uploading at my site. Then check them out with a tool like XENU, for...
  3. memme

    World's first SEO Planner★Unique Drag & Drop SEO System★You haven't seen that before!★World Premiere

  4. medosla97

    Looking for some tools of backlinking

    hello everyone, i'm looking for some tools for autobacklinkig from forums 2.0 or from bookarks sites like stymbleupon or digg... and i want some ideas about how to get backlinks fast ?
  5. B

    seo , backlinks , bookmarks etc tools

    hello friends if any one have any type of seo tools and want to sell it i will buy it from them so they will also use it i will also use it thanks
  6. B

    want to be on first page of google

    hello friends my website was on 93 position of google i wrote a blog post for my website and when i post the content in my website after 1 or 2 days my website comes on 24 position now i wrote 3 more posts but its hang around on 24 to 34 position not going down...
  7. inamon

    [HOT] [GET] 100 Free Social Signals/ Bookmarks for Better SEO

    Hello everybody, I am here with an absolutely free offer that will help you get social credibility, small seo boost and some social media traffic. Just give me the link that you want to promote and I will deliver 100 social signals in a couple of days. Platforms include facebook (likes and...
  8. U

    what price i demand for manual bookmarks

    If I open service whay is besy price for, 100 bookmarks . I thinl 7$ is good what u say?
  9. innosoft

    Ultimate BookmarkR - Powerful Social Bookmarking Tool = 30+ Powerful Features

    Reviews So Far!!!!!! [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] NOTE: Introduced ONE CLICK ACCOUNT CREATOR and Ability To View and & Export Accounts (07/10/2014) We are Very Happy to Announce our 3rd Software!! Trial Version Available on Request! (Fully Functional 3 Day Trial.. Limitation: You cant...
  10. lalit_burma

    Social Bookmarking Service still rocking or dead ?

    Every link building expert include social bookmarking service in their link building plan. Example - Every month they use it on their money site | on tier 1 | on tier 2 and tier 3 links. Though prior to 2011, only social bookmarking was good enough to rank any long tail keywords but...
  11. SEO_Alchemy

    [GET] Best Bookmarking Site List You Will Ever Find PERIOD

    So it's been a while since I've posted one of these. But since it's my 800th post, I though I may as well :) I use bookmarks as part of my link building services and my own ranking campaigns every day of the year. As a result I need the best and most effective lists available at all times. I...
  12. simoc

    a few good bookmarks

    hey everybody...So this is my 1st post on this amazing forum. I decided I would share a few of my favourite bookmarks that I use all the time. Enjoy!
  13. SEO_Alchemy

    SEO Alchemy Presents: Bookmarking Dreams /// Fully Customizable Post Penguin SEO

  14. youssfy

    Freaking Bookmarks 200+ Social Bookmarks for 2$ Within 24 Hours ! What Else You Want !!

    Presenting Gone Are the Days of Paying Big Bucks and Waiting Days for Getting Social Bookmarks Done ! == Freaking Bookmarks Features == â–º Maximum Turnaround Time of 24 Hours â–º Super Cheap Prices...
  15. SEO_Alchemy

    [GET] Updated 5,000+ Live Working Bookmark List

    Update: December 01 2012. Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. Super busy with projects etc. But not too busy to hook up my BHW bredren with another freshly scraped list. I've trimmed the fat (non-working sites) off the original list. There should be an Extra 1,000 or so new bookmarks in...
  16. SEO_Alchemy

    [Get] 6,910 WORKING Bookmark Sites: My gift to BHW

    Hi Blackhat World Here's my gift to all Blackhatters/Link Builders/IMr's 6,910 Bookmarking Sites accepted by Ultimate Demon, of those around 3,000+ are currently alive and well, and ready for your Bookmarks! I run Fiverr Wiki/Bookmark submissions for a living. As a result I always have and...
  17. aladin

    Is eficient the bookmarking (demon) and the use of social networks for NON english sites?

    Hy to all. May native language is Romanian, and I have a lot of projects ( affiliate sites) in Romanian language for Romanian market. I search new ( for me) methods for link building. I see a lot of users use bookmarking sites , pligg scuttles sites, phpdug for submitting their bookmarks...
  18. aiteampl

    What software for bookmarking 10 000 wiki links a day?

    Doing some experiments with 2nd and 3rd tier of links. so i would like to know what soft to use for such big amount of bookmarks. Any ideas?
  19. howard_hughes

    BACKLINKS THAT RANK 11 Link Types - Massive Link Diversity Tested Results!

    FAQ 1. Tell Me About This Service? > Backlinks That Rank - Is a Complete SEO Package. We Create Powerful Backlinks for your website on 11 Different Platforms. We feed this links to Lindexed for Free so your backlinks do get indexed. We also blast your backlinks with SB for Teir 2 Support. 2...
  20. Dang3r81

    [GIVEAWAY] Anybody Want Highly Spun, SEO-Optimized Articles?

    Hi guys, We have extra spare time and decided to give back to the BHW community. We are giving away free SEO-optimized articles for your keywords. The articles will be scraped from several sources and mixed in in nested spintax, spun at paragraph and word level. We will include Titles...
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