Is eficient the bookmarking (demon) and the use of social networks for NON english sites?

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    Hy to all.

    May native language is Romanian, and I have a lot of projects ( affiliate sites) in Romanian language for Romanian market.
    I search new ( for me) methods for link building.
    I see a lot of users use bookmarking sites , pligg scuttles sites, phpdug for submitting their bookmarks and Rss. Most of them use bookmarking demon.

    I do not know if is efficient this SEO method for Romanian language. I must to rank for specific Romanian keywords. So I need Romanian text for my links. Those accounts from plig, hubs, scuttles,...., and the general use of bookmarking automation is possible to do for other language than English? There are accepted only the english bookmarks?
    Or I have to search only sites written in Romanian. We do not have such sites platforms here.
    Thank you