1. J

    A Message From EdwinSoft: Beware of Scammers

    Dear BHW Users, It has come to our attention that many people have purchased BMD from unauthorized seller and they got scammed. Be reminded to only purchase BMD from us. Our authorized payment processor is Clickbank. To MOD: I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. Do help...
  2. B

    ¿Bookmarkwiz or BookMarkingDemon?

    Which of both programs is better? Bookmarkwiz = 97$ BookMarkingDemon= 147$ Which is your favorite?
  3. djprog

    BMD BookmarkingDemon : what's your workflow with it ? Why do I s*ck ?

    Hi guys, I purchased BMD like a month ago, but I wouldn't say my results are that "hot". I guess I don't use the correct workflow. If you have ANY idea, that would be much appreciated. Why I use BMD : - just for the backlinks. I don't expect any visitor from these websites. - to get...
  4. D

    Social bookmarking tools

    I was looking for a social bookmarking tool and come cross two softwares, submisocial and bookmarkingdemon, has anyone used any of them before? any suggestion which one I should go for? or if someone can suggest better one?
  5. D

    Which Social Bookmarking Sites Reject Squidoo & Hubpages?

    I was using BMD and noticed that some of my bookmarks failed, while some are successful. I went ahead to do manual submissons at below social bookmarking sites and was surprised that they reject Squidoo & Hubpages. So far I only know of these 4. - rejects Squidoo pages...
  6. H

    BookmarkingDemon update

    Update Logs: Version - 24 Dec 2008 IMPORTANT 1. PLIGG is now available. 2. YourScuttle, YourScuttlePlus, and YourPligg are now Ping-able. BUG FIXES 1. BMD crashes when too many Urls are added into "My Web Pages". CHANGES 1. User can now drag their web pages that they...
  7. G

    BookmarkingDemon 3.1.3 Working

    Download BookmarkingDemon 3.1.3 Full Version 6 alternate links , so won't go dead soon
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