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    Version - 24 Dec 2008

    1. PLIGG is now available.
    2. YourScuttle, YourScuttlePlus, and YourPligg are now Ping-able.

    1. BMD crashes when too many Urls are added into "My Web Pages".

    1. User can now drag their web pages that they don't intend to bookmark into the "No Bookmarking" panel (available in "Expert" mode).
    2. User can now drag the accounts that they don't intend to use for bookmarking into the "No Bookmarking" panel (available in "Expert" mode).
    3. PING now provide more activity feedbacks to user.
    4. You can now purge (Irreversible!!!) the logs to reclaim back disk space and get BMD to load save data faster.
    5. Title for "My Web Pages" has been increased to 500 characters.
    6. User can now specify their own "User Agent" string under Preference->Miscellaneous.
    7. Initialization time for BMD to load profiles is now at least 11 times faster.
    8. Each social web site now indicate how many active and archive accounts it manages.
    9. BMD now will check if a particular web page has been previously sent for bookmarking on a particular social bookmarking site using a particular account (only works if the logs are not purged).
    10.BMD now will check if an account already exist in the social bookmarking site (only works if the accounts are preloaded from save data) before it attempts to create the new account.
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