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May 16, 2009
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I was looking for a social bookmarking tool and come cross two softwares, submisocial and bookmarkingdemon, has anyone used any of them before? any suggestion which one I should go for? or if someone can suggest better one?
Have used bookmarking demon some. Also check out SocialBot, that's what I'm using now.
bookmarkingdemon is the best i think.

If you want to do it free and manually, then do it at www DOT socialmarker DOT com
Book marking Deamon is pretty good, but if you are going to use it i suggest using proxies when registering accounts, otherwise the accounts go down fast
Manual submission is a lot of work..I m looking for time saving so a software will be very helpful, I checked SocialBot and looks cool too
I prefer BD to the one mentioned above, but I think senuke is better still.
onlywire is not the same as Book marking Deamon, SocialBot, ... it does a complete dif job, senuke also is a good saftware but not great for Book marking i guess, I think it does multiple functions but not the best software for Book marking
Anybody use for social bookmarking

It is not the same off course but if you use onlywire plus socialize pro(wp-plug in) is a good free alternative I think.
You can cross off most Scuttle sites from Book Marking Demon. It seems the updated Scuttle sites have a captcha for each bookmark and BMD is baffled by this. I've had some pretty good luck with pligg sites once you get registered. You can't just dump a pligg list into it and go - I've been manually registering the sites and it works after that.
BMD is much better in terms of boomarking (spamming) ;)
Been using bookmarking ninja for a bit, although many sites seems to fail when submitting even though I can do them manually (mainly pligg or scuttle sites)
Also it has no captcha workaround, however it's fine for submitting to the major bookmarking sites.
Can anybody suggest me what tool to buy for social submitting,my budget is 160$

Bookmarking ninja , SocialBot ,BookMarking Demon...

looking into downloading socialsubmitter now, never tried bookmarking demon. thanks.
BMD ... I guess Book Marking Demon just Rocks but beware of captcha :D
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