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  1. chiwix

    Blogger help

    Hey everybody i need help on how to grow my blog and post
  2. Oleb

    I don't want a $1K/month

    Hey dear BHW members i hope all of you guys are doing great As my title says i don't want a $1K/month journey at least not for now I have decided to start a tech blog and try to reach and make my first $100. Peoples on this Website and all over the world are making millions online everyday but i...
  3. Jans12

    And what about Blogger nowadays?

    Hello guys! This question is why I plan create a blog. Without buying a domain to test with the standard Blogger domain and I wanted to know the experiences of each one regardless of the time that was past this... (My English is not very good to say but I hope you understand the end of this...
  4. r8guitar

    Indexing Web 2.0 Links

    Hello Everyone! In link building I have noticed lately that it is very difficult to index web2.0 and in my case Blogspot. Since I mostly use blogger accounts for creating blogs on Blogspot. Do you have any suggestion to index them, which is not indexer because I tried to index them, and they...
  5. QuanticIT

    How can I make this in Blogger?

    How can I make this on blogger? It can be done easily on wordpress with free elementor but I am unable to do this on blogger. Any idea?
  6. Sebastian Velandia

    My ClickBank conversion rate % is it too low?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to affiliate marketing, I've been working on a site and I have managed to send some traffic to the affiliate sales page, however, I'm not sure if the results I have got should be the expected or if they are low. My site is getting some traffic from social networks and also...
  7. D

    Removing Date From Blogger Post URL Is Bad ?

    Hello BlackHater, I read that removing dates from URL is good for SEO, so the google won't be able to identify your blog post's date if it is old. We have option of removing date in wordpress, but can we do the same in blogspot. God some code to do this in blogspot, Is there are any...
  8. Z

    How can you show articles on random orders

    How i can make my articles show by random orders no by date?
  9. Amer Alkathiri

    Blogger Host

    Is it OK to use Blogger host or Google host for affiliate marketing with my own domain?
  10. JS Media

    Have you started blogging

    i've been doing some content writing for clients with aff sites for long course of time. Now i 'm thinking if i could get started on blogging. How should i start and how often do you think i'll need to publish blog posts. Having tech niche for startup in mind, any suggestions would be helpful
  11. Maverick1111

    Little help needed on wordpress.

    HI, I have a website, and I want to start guest blogging on it, I just want to add one more section called "blog" and want great them on that blog section, looking for the freelancer for the same. Thanks.
  12. Indeedmarketing

    Hard to be a regular blogger

    Hi friends, How many of you here blogs regularly. Myself finding really taugh to maintain standard momentum in doing blogging. Mind says to write something useful , but unable to keep the momentum. Friends share your tips to be a good blogger.
  13. Vic123

    Lost Password for Blogger Blog

    Hi All, I've had my Blogger blog for a number of years (2006) and only use it to grab recipes. Recently — every time I try to bring up my old blog — it shows the pink site for not even a second and then it immediately changes to the attached black screen. It will probably work for you but I...
  14. P

    Help me- Can i start an adult niche on blogger platform?

    Hey wanna start a niche "Adult niche" 1 of my financial targets this year. ×I have $0 to buy paid host or domain. √ already have a source where I"ll get all videos and picture. √ Am really to start now. The big question I can't answer my self. Will google allow me host an adult niche blog on...
  15. artiusclub

    10 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

    Getting attracted traffic to your blog is of great importance to have a successful blog. But achieving customer loyalty is of greater importance for better results. For you who are writing in a blog, one of the most important and difficult things to achieve, is to attract qualified traffic to...
  16. Z

    Problem with Blogger Sidebat

    I have added a few ad boxes and a recent comment box on the sidebar when the recent post area has enough contents so all things on sidebar shows but when there is little content in the recent posts area the rest boxes (ads, and all gadgets) disappears and move down to the footer area. How can I...
  17. A

    How can i improve my blogger blog?

    I have a blog on google blogger. It is about apps and technology. There are only 40 posts at all and 3 pages. But I get 1500 to 2500 visitors per day.:D I don't know how i got these visitors. But now I want to work on it and improve its look and posts so that i can get more visitors. How can i...
  18. M

    what Do You think about this niche

    Hello im Blogging In Love sms and poems in French ," SMS d'amour" it is about ideas for lovers ( sms ideas in french) i opened Blogspot Blog since 6 months Now and i think this is Not hard Niche to rank #1 But Due to my incompetence in seo im not ranking very well as i expected ,i checked...
  19. C

    Can I Apply For Adsense on a blog which has 50% copied content With Daily Traffic 5k

    Can I Apply For Adsense on a blog which has 50% copied content With Daily Traffic 5k. It is 10 months old blog with top level domain but the only thing is that it has copied content. So will adsense approve me.
  20. fullypak

    Need advice on redirecting tumbler blog to my blogger blog

    Good Day to all! I need your expertise advice on how I can redirect tumblr blogs to blogger blog - to get tumblr backlinks juice for my blogger blog. I gone through google search however, didn't get right answer hence, requesting here to get help. Thanks for your help in advance!
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