blog backlinks

  1. MartonB

    Who is offering this kind of backlinks service?

    I have found some of my competitor websites has high authority backlink from this blog sites: As a newbie, I thought it will be easy to use these sites, I have registered an...
  2. K

    Viral Blog content

    Hello guys, i wanted to start a viral blog, such as viralnova, so that i was preparing auto post in social media like IFTTT so i've created 300 FB page, 300 G+ page, 300 twitter account, 40 reddit account, 40 delicious account, 40 tumblr account, 40 pinterest account and 40 diigo account, so...
  3. bull seo

    Super Giveaway 8 Backlinks Blog comments

    Hello Again BHW Members, ......We Are Back With Another Super Giveaway...... With 08 PR1+ Backlinks (Blog Comments) Unique Domains , Do-Follow , Low OBL ..... * All Backlinks From Actual PageRank. * 100% Approved Comments. * Excel Base Report Provide After Complete. Details Required: *...
  4. Y

    anyone want to write guest posts

    Got a site in the technology/blogging niche, if anyone is in a similar niche and wants to guest post PM me. I'm willing to get guest post for my site alldigitricks
  5. G

    Need some simple Advice on linking

    In my money site(html static), i put a blog link in footer, in that blog i frequently(3 per week) put posts with one link per post to that money site. And second thing i do is, share the blog posts in social medias. so the main idea is Social medias(fb,twit,.etc..)--->blog----->money site...
  6. J

    How to get more views on my blog???

    Hi guys, I just started this new blog and I'm planing to get a domain like something like this, but its just I have just a few visitors. My question is how can i increase my visitors number? is there any software for backlinks or something like that.
  7. markcooper006

    Need links from blogs

    Guys I need contextual links from some real looking blogs. doesn't matter if they are from a private blog network or some other but they must be on diffrent class c IPS with original content. p.s. Content will be provided by me.
  8. B

    Scraper question

    I recently found a website that lets me input a list of blogs and it will auto comment on them for me. While I know how to scrape footprints manually, what (ideally free) tool can i use that will scrap the website address and save it (text or CSV)? Thanks in advance.
  9. agentk007

    Better than Public Blog Networks & this Still Works (Success Story)

    I have been a member of this community for a couple years now and every now and again I find myself coming back here for resources, tips, and inspiration, and figured I'd give back to this community by posting a video that I initially created for something completely different. It is...
  10. K

    Free forum backlinks page rank 2 - 5!

    some high page rank forums.. click thanks if your sexy..:pirate: PR 5 PR 4
  11. stonecold316

    [Quick]I have 20 Articles - Each Article Need To Be Posted Different Blogs

    Hi everyone. As the title says,I have 20 Articles with 2-3 outbound links. I want each article to be posted on 20 Different Blogs. So,Total there will be 20 Articles Submitted on 20 Different Blogs The articles are related to Fosters Beer [Reviews of their FB apps] Please PM me...
  12. ramtripper

    1 Million Auto-Approve Blog Comments List - A service or a list

    Hey guys, i'm close to finishing my massive list of AA's and wanted to get a quick poll on what to do with it. Would u rather: a) buy the list itself? b) pay for a blast? c) pay for a drip feed blast - aka - i'll do blasts every day or every week for a long period of time and send reports...
  13. G

    can anyone help me for blog commenting?

    :confused: Hello, I am a new freelancer. I do blog commenting for building backlinks manually. Can anyone help me to do it faster? Any FREE automated software available? I've already Hired by a Buyer in oDesk. So, its urgent !
  14. Blackhat_Guru

    Free High PR4 Backlinks

    How to get PR4 Backlinks to your website without paying a dime? This guy gives away a PR4 backlink at his gig posting. What's more, he posts a working fresh PR4 comment backlink every week. All you have to do is grab it once a week and use it for your own sites...
  15. F

    Should you keep your blog separated from your website?

    Is it better to keep your company blog separated from your actual website to receive more backlinks? or should you keep that blog on your site and simply use other backlinks?
  16. G

    Trying to Get a Motorcycle Site up in Ranks

    I need someones help, I have a site that sells motorcycle apparel, all sorts, a couple of months ago I had a PR2 rating, then we decided to revamp the site, Big Mistake!! it now PR0, I have now went out and spent some real good money on a New Web Design, I am using ad-words, I have checked the...
  17. andreyg13

    [SB] Footprint to find blogs where you can include html in the comment box

    This can increase your approval rate with scrapebox. For this you can actually include a real name and get your comment approved on moderated blogs. All you have to do is scrape some blogs using the footprint: 'Leave a Reply' 'Name "(required)"' 'Mail (will not be published) "(required)"'...
  18. L

    Widgets for Blogs

    I have a lot of question to ask for I love blogging, is there any out there a good widget that could drive traffic on my site, please provide only those which is proven by professionals. What are those widgets that my site should have and should not have? I am so interested with new...
  19. M

    Blog Posts Hijacked!?

    Hey guys...i've been building backlinks through a lot of blog commenting, but have just noticed that one of my "posted by" anchor text names and destination urls on a typepad blog has been changed to a completely different anchor text name and url. I know some blog adminstrators might delete...
  20. E

    WTB:We need blog posts

    Hello, everyone. I would like to know who can offer the service of blog posts? I need pr3+ blog posts. My e-mail: [email protected] Thank you and best regards,
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