1. orelm

    How to Stop getting Blocked? (Blocked Ad Account with 1200 USD)

    Hey , I've been selling followers and things like that for years now I recently tried Tiktok ads and they blocked my account with the money in it. That's no problem My bank refunded that. But I want to post ads on Tiktok without getting blocked. Any ideas? Best regards, Orel...
  2. gold92

    What should I do if I get bans of Facebook accounts?

    I get blocked advertising accounts on Facebook. I set up ads through Facebook Ads Manager.Recently, I have come across and am not the only one on automatic locks from the system, which are not directly related to my product in any way. I've done some research, those mistakes that can't be (but...
  3. N

    My website got blocked by Facebook

    Hello, Facebook blocked my site for not following their community guidelines, I'm thinking of 301 redirection but I don't know how?! Of course, I tried to contact Facebook but had no luck. I have WHM & Cpanel access and bought a new domain pointed to my server. Can anyone tell me what the...
  4. dadyyanki

    Does airtel blocks call for jio users?[Need help form Indian brothers]

    Hello there This might sound stupid but its happening me from almost 2 years. I am using 2 sims jio,airtel. Does airtel blocks incoming calls and messages from jio [used as second sim] when its recharge pack is over[jio has active recharge pack] I have to have recharge plan on both sims. If...
  5. A

    Facebook business blocked me

    Hello, My Facebook business account is now blocked by Facebook. My Ip and computer. My original I bought a VPS and a new Facebook account from someone. After making ads I’ll get the notification: account disabled. Reason: due to suspicious activities, they think that someone is logged into...
  6. T

    Instagram is stupid!

    Why is instagram stupid you ask? Because when I go to follow somebody it say's oh you've been blocked you'll have to try again tomorrow.
  7. Crusage

    My download files are getting blocked by Chrome.

    I am advertising free aimbot hacks on youtube, but my files keep getting blocked by Chrome My network is Pinapfile I have tried downloading the files myself and then uploading them to, and then double zip and double password protect them. But Chrome keeps saying that this file could...
  8. T

    Instagram Following Error Message...

    I unfollowed 50 people on a follow app and about 10 accounts manually on instagram, now I can't see who I'm following on Instagram. It says 'cannot load users' on the following tab. It has been like this for about 2 hours now and i am worried my account has been blocked!! I can still unfollow...
  9. Jugaddu

    [HELP] GOVT Blocked my Domain

    So I just started this movie streaming site 2 months back, it was not even getting so much traffic and the the government in my native country blocked my domain. I am so confused what should I do now? If anyone has any idea or suggestions it would be of great help.
  10. jongmr

    cant make payment on paypal

    hey im trying to send money from my paypal account to another paypal account but its asking me create paypal cash account to be able do that. is this newthing? ( i have my email and phone number verified.)
  11. I

    Do Post scheduling services like buffer, hootsuite, hubspot or later forward your IP to Instagram ?

    Let me explain my scenario properly, I am trying to schedule posts to about 10 odd instagram profiles via buffer from same IP. All these 10 instagram pages are connected to same facebook profile(connecting is mandatory for scheduling). Very often I see for about 50% of my instagram pages, buffer...
  12. R

    My domain blocked by Facebook without any reason | How can i unblock

    How can i unblock
  13. I

    Movie website blocked, Help!

    Hello guys, I have a movie streaming website Sometimes i test it from different proxies, in these last days i found out that i get a 520 from some countries After a LOT of trouble, i found out that my website was blocked in russia The problem...
  14. ste rathb

    Every account on Jarvee - The Likes Are blocked?

    Every account of mine has like blocks (24hrs) This happens every day even if I set likes to 7 likes per day? The follows and comments are on 300-700 per day with no blocks but the likes are blocked no matter how low I set them even if i set them to 7 likes per day? Anyone else have this problem...
  15. J

    getting blocked because of network infrastructure ?

    Hey Guys, I've been wondering lately - what type of network infrastructure might affect my social network profile and cause it to be blocked or blacklisted ? I mean - this question is not about being blocked because of my actions as a user, but rather because of my network. Stuff such as...
  16. Nintendo

    Page blocked from sharing links, ANY link.

    If I simply have in the posts description, the post is totally blacklisted, gets no views at all, and if you try to view it in the Scheduling Posts page, you get a 'Desktop Preview Not Available' error. If I remove the link, then it starts getting reach. Any one know how long the...
  17. ajugarconhugo

    "Action Blocked" Restriction with joining and posting.

    Hello forum, i will share with you my problem. I've been posting 3/4 publications per day in groups per account. A few days ago i got 3 accounts blocked for 3 days. Today i got 4 accountes blocked. The same 3 + 1 more. This time one is for 1 week. I use private proxy for ejecuting them in a VPS...
  18. Ritalin

    Followliker + new Instagram algorithm = Blocked Following 400 Error :(

    I've had my IG account for over 3 years, been using Followliker for about a year, and never had a problem of being banned or anything. Never ran Followliker 24/7, never used auto-comments and only had semi-conservative settings for follow/unfollow. I used it only for follow/unfollow/like. Well...
  19. JB2302

    When to block a person on SKYPE !!

    I just blocked this guy or gal who was sending me messagess like Again and Again. I just just did it, finally blocked one person on skype
  20. W

    JARVEE - Tried 7 different proxy suppliers and go all accounts flagged

    I used FL for more than 2 years until all my Instagram accounts got flagged... so I did the migration to Jarvee and it worked wonderfully for 30 days... after that had about 60 accounts flagged, for Follow and Like only.. Jarvee support keep saying they can't inform which proxy supplier works...
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