banned from google

  1. D

    How does a site get banned from Google?

    Hello! : ) This is my first post on here. What I wanted to know - in a succinct summary - is how to get banned by Google. Granted, there are likely legions of ways to NOT get banned. I want to know *precisely* what I need to avoid. I think I may be very wrong about what i think is bad...
  2. Charles27

    Did Google Penalize All My Sites?

    I've been backlinking smartly for 6 weeks now on 10 keywords. I just can't rank no matter what. I follow all the typical rules when doing T1, T2 & T3. I use UD (T1) and GSA (T2-T3), manually spun articles good articles, slow steady, 10:1 ratios for T2 & T3, etc, etc. The sites are aged and are...
  3. S

    SITE DROPPED from google

    PANIC Was starting to get top 5 page ranks for holding page - cheap mattress, cheap beds etc. Was adding lots of links 3 well known packages (2 of which are online sites) Now its has vanished or all terms. Any suggestions on how to get me out of this and still keep improving ranks? The...
  4. tripper101

    Really good info about Google!

    Does Google Hate Datafeedr? Seems like kind of a weird question doesn?t it? For some reason believe it or not ? that exact search phrase was in my top 10 results yesterday. There seems to be a lot of people googling for information related to that ? probably because there?s been a lot of google...
  5. V

    Google Adsense banned!

    I have been banned from google adsense a long time a go. I remember in that time they sant me a letter to my home adress to approve my adsense account! Is it possible to make new account with my details withot getting noticed that i've had account before?
  6. S

    sharecash and google

    I am new to sharecash. I had a question... I have a website/ forum/ blog with lots of traffic which currently run Google adsense. Can I have a sharecash link on the site for people to get free downloads like softwares/ ebooks etc? I make a few $$ daily from google so I dont want to get...
  7. B

    Blast secondary sites then link to money site later?

    Hey all, basically the title says you guys think it would make sense to just start hammering web 2.0 and other secondary (link juice passing) sites before even linking to your money site for a while and then link back to your site once google dance and everything has calmed down? My...
  8. snowflys

    Banned website links

    How do you locate websites that are pointing to your website that are banned. I understand this affects your keyword ranking so must be important to be able to find them. Thanks for the help.
  9. G

    Google Hates My EzineArticles Article?

    Hi Everyone, I'm low because my article (need-an-article service) of 755 words, keyword optimized and linked to my redirect page to a clickbank product, disappeared from google serps after 4 days. Moreover disappeared from ezinearticles results, I don't understand...the article in my article...
  10. rcom

    Banned Adsense Masters Click Here - Unique Offer! 50% of your earnings BACK!

    BANNED BY GOOGLE? YOU MUST READ THIS. Recoup 50% of ADSENSE money back! I am looking for FORMER TOP EARNING ADSENSE MASTERS who have been BANNED from GOOGLE ADSENSE to use their unique skills build MONEY MAKING ADSENSE web sites/pages on my servers. I can supply you with as many ips...
  11. Y

    Google Ban by IP or Domain?

    Hey guys, Perhaps a newb question but I've previously ventured into the autoblogging territory and have been banned before as a result of non-unique content. I'm curious though if google banned my server IP or my domain name? ie. if I switched my server IP if I'd get around the google ban...
  12. J

    How To Get Banned By 1 Easy Step

    Hey guys, I keep getting banned from google search. Can someone point me in the right direction to where I get step by step instructions on how to change my ip address... I'm using Market Samurai for keyword research but keep getting banned by google after a few searches...because I'm...
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