Banned Adsense Masters Click Here - Unique Offer! 50% of your earnings BACK!

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    Recoup 50% of ADSENSE money back!

    I am looking for FORMER TOP EARNING ADSENSE MASTERS who have been BANNED from GOOGLE ADSENSE to use their unique skills build MONEY MAKING ADSENSE web sites/pages on my servers. I can supply you with as many ips as you like. Each ip is a potential website/page. I have several hosting accounts with nearly limitless ip addresses. The idea is I provide you access to the hosting account(s), ip(s), cPanel w/ftp access, and MY Adsense account's WORKING Publisher ID, and YOU build the pages/sites, drive traffic to them- then I will GIVE YOU 50% of any profit money Google PAYS ME from the pages you built... plus give you FULL ACCESS to the Adsense account to view the Adense earnings YOURSELF and to grab Adsense code (You can customize the look/feel of the ads how you see fit!). This way everything is TRANSPARENT and you can verify you're not being cheated. YOU will do the required keyword research and tell me what domains to purchase for this project. I would Paypal or bank wire you the profit money. I WILL NOT provide you any money to build the pages, graphics, or SEO. That is all for YOU to take care of.

    Take advantage of this OPPORTUNITY since you're making NOTHING after being banned. With this program at least you can get 50% monthly Google Adsense earnings back. To be clear about how the money gets divided, if you build many successful sites, and I receive $20,000 in Adense earnings, you get $10,000 from me. I am already working with a programming company who got banned, and they are about to launch some nice sites through this program. Do you want to join us?

    If you are interested, I invite you to apply. Please send me an email to [email protected] with a brief description of yourself, why you would like to join the program, and explanation of why Google banned you.


    rcom :)