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  1. K

    3 Crucial SEO Elements That Boost Website Traffic

    Over the last several years, search engine optimization, SEO, has become a huge priority for marketers. This is because the higher a company can reach on search engines, the more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and more sales they'll gain. Today, effectively utilizing SEO for your company...
  2. Thibault

    Mistakenly sent mass email with wrong domain, killing its SEO.. how to recover?

    I own a few e-commerce websites, and 3 weeks ago I sent 140k emails using the wrong domain name (mixed between 2 businesses). It literally killed its domain reputation within 24h. SEO, which was not doing good in the first place anyway, dropped to nearly nothing : over thousands of daily...
  3. JackTheBlack

    .edu Domain Backlinks

    What is your opinion on .edu domains? I've heard a lot of different opinions on these topics. Some ppl here on BHW are selling .edu backlinks. So I am intersted on your insight if those links are worth it. Do you think backlinks from .edu page is more valuable than backlink from a .com page...
  4. akshay_saini

    Multiple Backlinks

    Hi, please suggest. Having more than 1 backlinks from a single website is worthy? E.g. if I have 5 backlinks from a single site, every backlink is worthy or all just count as "one" backlink towards Domain Authority/ Page Authority?
  5. lifehero

    Free Guest Posts - Health & Fitness, Site [ High Quality Backlink]

    Hi all, I'm offering free guest posts on my new health & fitness blog This domain is a side project money site that i started last week If this thread is not locked, I am still accepting posts! Here are the stats: MOZ: AHREFS: Top Backlinks: Instructions: - Must have >75 posts on...
  6. sumithykkts

    [Need] Edu/Gov backlinks

    Hello BHW, I need several list of edu/gov backlinks thank you
  7. M

    How to index backlink

    Hi Dear Can you tell me how to index backlink in 2 or 3 hour. I try lots of time but index 0-10 %. I need up to 80% indexing in 3 hour after post.
  8. U

    Blackhat SEO expert require

    Hi guy, I need someone Blackhat SEO expert require and making sites on top 1-2-3 on Google or Bing. If you can do that within 4-5 days then you are good to go and I need site to be there for at least a week or 10 days. Please inbox me detail.
  9. chris barker

    Cheap [0.025$/Article] AI Generated Tier2/Tier3/PBN Articles. Copyscape Passed & Human Readable

    Machine Created Contents For Machines This is chris(My Nick Name)..myself a programmer as well as Internet Marketer like all of us.I fall in love with artificial intelligence and started to learn machine learning models.Recently i have a developed a model to generate unique articles on any...
  10. Shropdog

    Compilation of places for high DA etc links from amazing BHW members

    I have to say straight away, that none of the links below are from me, i am only the messenger who compiled the list ( and please do let me know if i missed any ). I will be adding more as and when i get time, So without further ado, lets begin: also, i dont think i need to say but just in...
  11. abdel007

    How to Get this Type of Backlinks !!?

    As you can see in the screenshot below, any tips to build image backlinks !?
  12. Stephen Gonzales

    Back linking Question

    Can over back linking hurt your site presences .
  13. Eyrand

    Long-Term SEO Project with GSA e Senuke

    Hi Guys, For a long-term SEO project is it a good idea to use GSA SER or Senuke to get backlinks from tier2-3? Thank you a lot in advance
  14. J

    Searching for SEO professional for Pharma

    We are searching for a serious SEO professional who is able to analyse our website and is able to increase traffic on our website in a highly competitive market; online pharma. We are a start-up but strive to eventually become an authority figure by providing high quality content. You need to...
  15. Genie100

    Need Backlinks from high DA sites - Fashion / Style (popsugar, bustle, vogue...)

    Hello, I have a client with fashion website in need of high authority backlinks from big media websites like Vogue, Popsugar, Bustle, Cosmopolitan....) Let me know if you're able to provide this service, samples and prices. Thanks,
  16. bountikular

    Blog Commenters Wanted Opportunity To Earn $42 For A Few Hours Work

    Hey There Fellow B.H Worlders! I'm revamping this offer as a similar offer was previously posted way back in 2009. This project is being done on a BETA Testing format in the first instance and if successful will be formulated as an active offer. I'm hiring people for an easy to do blog...
  17. FindDIY

    Google Ignores Malicious Backlinks

    Saw this while browsing today. In case anyone is worried about backlinks used for negative SEO.
  18. geek8

    Back-links Needed !!!

    Please i need someone who can do back links for me in my Entertainment Blog, At an affordable price. Comment with your * Price * Features * Contact details. Payment method BITCOIN Thank you.
  19. geek8

    What is the difference between guest posting and back-links?

    As the Title says... please can someone explain the difference between guest posting and back links in a simple way so i can understand?
  20. Perrybeard82

    Understanding backlinks

    Hiya still reading and learning but want to cheek I've got this right. I've found a key word with a difficulty under 45 on kwfinder and when I cheek the top 10 pages they have less than 10 back links and only about 30% of them are do follow. But 3 of the top ones are major sites, for example say...
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