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  1. C

    Create a Korean Backlink

    I want a backlink of a Korean website. I want to make a backlink with articles written in Korean. Is it possible?
  2. K

    High Quality Backlinks

    Currently, I am looking for links from these sites
  3. S

    how this happen????

    hello everyone, how can I make this type of backlink always? this
  4. Sallu5076

    Is there any way to index links like profile, social bookmarking, forum and other low quality backlinks ?

    i tried several ways to index these types of links but none of them work well
  5. abhi raj

    is this the correct way to do off page seo?

    my site the 10th positon one, how should i do off page seo here? i'm thinking to get the list of all thier reffering domain, and make one link for every reffering domain, and since 80% of these refferingg domain aren't even opening they are just spam sites, so i will ignore them
  6. Eduardo Boeing

    Expired domain backlink anchor texts

    Hi everyone, first post here. I have a list of 6,000 expired domains, all of which have backlinks. I need to parse the anchor texts of these links, but manually this is impossible. I need to do this in bulk. I need all the anchor texts in a spreadsheet so I can know which expired domains have...
  7. BoobsLover

    Are referral backlinks type still useful today, 2022?

    Hi, I'm considering to pump up my backlinks profile pretty fast with a huge number of referral backlinks (maybe something close to thousands?). When I talk about referral I mean e.g, With Google subdomain and TLDs alone I could have a...
  8. redabale

    seo for new brand website

    hello, I just start a new brand website all my articles are indexed what do I need to do now? i means someone give me a good strategy to get ranked or a good road path for next two months thanks
  9. A

    Question: Where to Point Powerful Backlink

    Context: I have a blog with 3 different topics. These topics in and of themselves have entire industries built around them however for my niche they all closely relate. Because of this the topical relevancy of my homepage "could" be considered split into thirds. However my category pages only...
  10. GNews

    Hey... Let me see Your List of sites

    Hey, As a professional and person who's had the experience to see HOW FAST people 'pimp' websites with trash content and/or get them exposed to Google for posting paid for content, by lists to thousands of people.................. I wonder why do so many people ask to see domains when obvious...
  11. T

    free backlink profiles

    hello friends, may I ask for a list of free backlink profiles, if you wish, please I ask. can send to my message. or in the comments field. thank you
  12. SERP Buster

    Basic but essential 30 SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Organic Traffic

    Some basic but essential 30 SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Organic Traffic 1. Research Relevant Keywords. 2. Spy On Competitors. 3. Use an On-Page SEO Checklist. 4. Create Awesome Content. 5. Build External Backlinks. 6. Leverage Social Media. 7. Connect With Influencers. 8. Add Internal...
  13. hkseosolutions

    Do-Follow Blog comment back-link on High Authority Sites 100% Handmade

  14. purplehaze.69

    What's your opinion about backlink with adsense id

    Hi guys, whats your opinion about backlink from the site that monetize with google adsense? and what about if ex. 3-5 site which is got same adsense id linking to your money site will it be effect to any positive or negative way? (i mean not about how quality link is.. just the adsense it...
  15. Efn

    Tips for learning linkbuilding?

    Hello everyone. I am interested in learning linkbuilding, but doing it the right way, with quality links. I want to learn it and be able to offer this service. Could you recommend where to learn what is necessary to sell this service? I find it very interesting but I am not entirely...
  16. benj_pirate

    Best tool to buy an expired domain in my niche

    I know it exists lots of tool to find expired domain depending on different keywords. But as I plan to start a new website on an old (at least 3 years) and quite authoritative (+30DA) website, Btw if you think you can help me to find the perfect match, let me know in private (look for crypto...
  17. Jamaicanghost

    Learning SEO, Tips to become proficient?

    Hey guys, so I decided to start learning SEO by watching youtube videos. Which am learning a lot so far and find it quite easy to learn. What tips would you recommend to become proficient in SEO, where being able to charge a decent price for my service? By the way, am practising copywriting as...
  18. tored

    How can I get really backlink for my website ?

    Hi I'm newbie and I create my first learning website I know nothing about seo how can I start backlinks ? and what's the best method to get really and strong service ?
  19. K

    3 Crucial SEO Elements That Boost Website Traffic

    Over the last several years, search engine optimization, SEO, has become a huge priority for marketers. This is because the higher a company can reach on search engines, the more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and more sales they'll gain. Today, effectively utilizing SEO for your company...
  20. Thibault

    Mistakenly sent mass email with wrong domain, killing its SEO.. how to recover?

    I own a few e-commerce websites, and 3 weeks ago I sent 140k emails using the wrong domain name (mixed between 2 businesses). It literally killed its domain reputation within 24h. SEO, which was not doing good in the first place anyway, dropped to nearly nothing : over thousands of daily...
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