autoblog help

  1. Asharvin66

    Autoblogs still working???Is this for real?

    I bought a domain and hosting bout a week ago but only put two pages on it. Then yesterday i sawa thread here about autoblogs which was from 4 years ago,since my site was pretty much empty and wasting, i set up an autoblog on it with wp robot, although i was hoping to promote it with social...
  2. A

    Autoblog software major problem!!!!!!

    Hello. I have a major problem with Autoblog software and maybe someone can help me. I open my software, I manage to connect to my blogger account and retrieve all the blogs, but once I hit the "Add blog" button, it gives me this error: Unhandled exception has occurred in your application...
  3. A

    [ASK] RSS Feed

    can any somebody tell me about unique rss feed URL about electronic article, I need to setup my autoblog Thanks
  4. ibmethatswhoib

    AutoBlog Questions

    I have regular websites and have done pretty good with them but I want to have an autoblog just for the hell of it and try it out but I never had one, so just want to ask you autoblog experts about it. I'm thinking about getting the Amazon Plugin that posts products with all the info, review...
  5. D

    Just started a few autoblogs with wp-robot, am I too late?

    So last week I put up 4 autoblogs using wprobot along with the genesis/streamline theme combo. The domain names are decent as far as exact keyword searches (anywhere from 2,000 - 6,000 exact searches). I'm mainly doing RSS feed campaigns on wprobot. I haven't really done any SEO (except for...
  6. DisavowedKing

    Youtube Autoblogger

    I am looking for a good YouTube autoblogger. Something that will pull the description, keywords, will strip out any URLs, and is easy use. Also I would like to use something that is free or a free trial. I've heard about WPRobot, Caffeinated Content, AutoPress, Tubepress, WP-O-Matic, and...
  7. S

    Hire 25 autoblogs setups

    Hi, i want hire some with experience in autoblogs for monetize via adsense. I have 25 domains related to this "niches"/keywords: "calls to cuba", "cuba hotels", "caribean hotels", "cuba news", "cuba religion" I provide: hosting on my server, wordpress setup, wp-robot license I need...
  8. sikandar

    [Get]13 Autoblogging Blunders

    This report by Jason Potash contains no fluff and points out mistakes done by autoblogging. It's free, but the following link will save you from entering your email address. Anyone willing to share the blogblueprint?
  9. yogi31286

    Hosting help needed for autoblog!! PLS

    Hello BHW's members, I wanted to earn some money with autoblog but i need your help about hosting and the method Autoblog is good to earn money or not!! 1st i want to know about the AUTOBLOG method.. is it good way to earn money with autoblog by making One autoblog a Day with adsense ads on...
  10. W

    which plugin are you autobloggers using to place excerpts (not full txt) on front page?

    I've been trying a few things with wprobot and one feed i grab posts all the text and comments on the front page, filling the entire page with essentially one giant post. What do you recommend to have it automatically do an excerpt (the "read more" thang) instead of full posts? I've checked...
  11. K

    Info domain or free domains ?

    Of what to buy domains .Info with $ 1 when you can better choose some areas. that are free? And free domains list is quite long: , If you think you rely on autoblogs may not make sense to invest in domain names that have no money for hosting? And if the 100 autoblogs...
  12. ch8878

    Is there a good WordPress auto blog article fetcher ?

    Right know I been using article fetch it seems to be pulling articles that have been made by content hurricane they are all junk and the articles arent even the keywords I used is there something better ?
  13. djelica

    Few questions about autoblogs

    I have one autoblog running which posts only full articles rewritten by google translate using wprobot so most of my posts are unique. Should i mix in some partial rss feeds ? i think it is good idea since my content is unique-like, so i think having some duplicate crap isn't problem if it...
  14. J

    Flipping Autoblogs or Build a Autoblog Network?

    Ok for the last 2 months I've been flipping autoblogs and I was wondering whether it would be in my best interest to just hold on to them instead and build a network of autoblogs instead? As of today I'm averaging $45+ per flip and wondering if I held on to them maybe I would generate more...
  15. J

    Autoblog help

    Need someone who is really good with wordpress and can help me with my autoblog...I just recently installed a new theme and i need some errors on a few lines fixed...
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