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Jun 26, 2009
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I have one autoblog running which posts only full articles rewritten by google translate using wprobot so most of my posts are unique. Should i mix in some partial rss feeds ? i think it is good idea since my content is unique-like, so i think having some duplicate crap isn't problem if it brings in traffic and don't have high impact on SE ranking because of other part of content.

One more thing which is hurting my brain.
The content of my autoblog is very wide. So lets take dog niche just for this example. My domain name is like dogstoday.com and has many categories which falls under the main one, here is the example:
dogstoday.com - the site
dog training - category 1
dog food - category 2
dog health - category 3
dog grooming - category 4
dog behavior - category 5
and so on... i counted 28 categories and each of them is niche related and has keyword in it. Every category getting populated slowly as the time goes. I post 5 - 12 posts every day.

Is this bad ? or good ? Should i make subdomain for each of these ? I have no idea.

Also about building backlinks, i would do it, and i have already done some. Pretty much BLs are pointing to domain name with anchor of category name. I know that is bad practice because google don't like sites with most of BLs pointing to domain name. So building BLs for posts would be pain in the ass because i couldn't do it, but what if i build BLs for categories with anchor text like [dog training], [dog training at home] etc. pointing to dog training category?

If some experienced autoblogger could answer this questions i would highly appreciate it.

I hope this thread will also help to other beginners as me.
I think mixing in some RSS would be good, though I would pick full feed when available rather than just partial (most of what you'll ever get from wprobot is partial rss anyway, so why scrape the most you can?). I also think using the translator to rewrite is generally a bad idea, it usually results in articles that sound like they were translated poorly at best.

I think the second part of your OP is hurting other peoples' brains as well. I can't tell what you're trying to ask. Can you rephrase or something?

FWIW I think the "duplicate penalty" is nowhere near as strong as it used to be.

Building backlinks to specific categories should work okay, I like to build then to cats, tags, and deeplinks to specific posts.

Thank you for answer.
I was thinking of this, get quality partial rss feeds, then set wp robot to post one rewritten article per lets say 5 partial rss feeds, so my content would still have good percentage of unique content.

About second question which is hurting my brain.
I wanna say that my autoblog isn't about some micro niche, it is very wide niche. In particular example i posted, "dog training" could be one mini niche, but my blog is about dogs, and "dog training" is just one of the 28 categories.
Got me now ?

Here comes one more question :)
I set permalink structure to be domainname.com/category/postname/
So i got some links to look like this: dogstoday.com/dog-training/best-dog-training-at-home/
Isn't it overspammed with keywords ? should i change the link structure ?

Sorry for bothering you that much but this is my first autoblog, and i want to make it as good as possible so for next autoblogs i plan it won't be time consuming as this one.
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