autoblog seo

  1. geteasymoneynow

    [tutorial] auto-blogging like a pro with all the tools you need for free

    I have received about 200 some emails from various members on how to create a working auto-blog on the service which I have provided, well I have decided to create a tutorial on this and will hope that I wont get more messages and PMs asking me! This way if I missed something you can ask on...
  2. djelica

    Few questions about autoblogs

    I have one autoblog running which posts only full articles rewritten by google translate using wprobot so most of my posts are unique. Should i mix in some partial rss feeds ? i think it is good idea since my content is unique-like, so i think having some duplicate crap isn't problem if it...
  3. G

    All-In-One SEO Wordpress Hell -Help me

    Is anyone else having massive problems with this plugin? It is deactivating, requiring constant updates, and on several blogs all the metatags just disappeared into thin air requiring a reconfiguration. Is Platium SEO where it's at? Headspace2? I like autoblogs so less time spent jacking with...
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