authority site journey

  1. BossBaby

    [Journey] Building An Authority Blog from Scratch to at least $3k/month using Affiliate Marketing

    Hey BHW I am a university student, and I have completed my one month on BHW and decided to start this journey thread to keep myself dedicated to this project. I registered this domain in December last year but started using it in May this year because I was busy with my university schedule...
  2. polishedturd

    [Journey] 2 x $100/day (and beyond) with 1 old and 1 new site (Amazon aff & info products)

    Right, time to start a journey thread of my own. I'm mainly doing this to force myself to organise my thoughts and plans, and to keep myself honest and accountable. If someone finds it useful along the way, so much the better. Quick Background I've always shied away from SEO because 1) I hate...
  3. Bloooop

    [Successful Journey] Scaling Amazon Affiliate from $1000/m to $10k

    Hey you, Have you ever wondered what it'd be like making $10k/ month Passive Income? I think about it all the time, continuously! But then when I talk to the people around me and online, one can't help but be doubtful. 10k...? While you sleep? No ads or Shady business...? BS! Or maybe...
  4. hackgrowth

    [Journey] Noob Trying Authority, Rank, Rent & Quizzes

    I'm a TOTAL noob when it comes to Adsense and have dabbled a bit in CB but to no success. I'm starting this journey to keep myself accountable and since the services to build this system all comes from BHW, it only makes sense to put it here and get some valuable feedback from fellow seniors...
  5. F

    [JOURNEY] Growing with domtrens to an Authority site 100$/Day (arleady earning)

    I am currently at 15-20 a day with my website. And I can't wait till I get to a 100$/day. I earn more with this site via Clickbank, but I don't count these earnings, because they are from a different journey. But so far Ezoic and Adsense pay almost nothing for visitors from quora, so the ad...
  6. hackgrowth

    Best Authority Site Resources

    What site/courses would you recommend to be the best source of knowledge for someone with zero knowledge to start learning about creating an authority site from scratch? A lot of the authority site journeys posted here starts from zero, but the OPs definitely know what they're doing and have...
  7. LuckyGirl9334

    Amazon Affiliate: Zero to Hopefully Hero

    I joined this forum last year after lurking off and on for a couple of years. I had a steady 80 hour per week job & was hating it pretty bad. So I was looking for a way out and tried many things over the course of 5 years and lost my proverbial ass in all of them. So about $50k invested and...
  8. E

    Authority site + membership - $5000/month journey (long term)

    Hey guys, You mught know me from the Kindle thread. That journey is still on but that is a part time journey. This one is a culmination of a lifetime of learning and work, so to speak. My main project. I've been working on this project since 2017, so for about 2 years now. I've been...
  9. Ripstack

    Ripstacks journey to a stable authority site

    Hi, I'm Ripstack. Intro: This will be my first journey and I will be trying to build authority site. I have been gathering knowledge about IM and the basics of it through out past few years, never acted on it yet tho. My knowledge might be outdated , so this will be kind of learning and...
  10. AdwordsAlgorithm

    [Journey] Algorithm's First Journey to Growing Authority Site + Instagram to 50+ Per Day

    Hey'all, It's been a long I have not make any approach to building my own sites for so long (been building sites and sell on flippa and other places) so today after many inspired journeys from many members, I decided to make my own journey thread to at least $50 per day; not sure how this...
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