[Journey] Algorithm's First Journey to Growing Authority Site + Instagram to 50+ Per Day

Jun 2, 2017
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It's been a long I have not make any approach to building my own sites for so long (been building sites and sell on flippa and other places) so today after many inspired journeys from many members, I decided to make my own journey thread to at least $50 per day; not sure how this journey will go through but yes I'm gonna make it close or more than this journey's goal.


In this, I will follow @Zwielicht SEO Guide I have applied it many time when working on my clients projects and am glad that guide is pretty superb ;)

* Keyword Research*

Am going to take this part serious since the niche i pick up since some kinda competitive, so i will do all the workload of this my self ofcourse.

*Guest Posting*

In this part I will take the part my self, contacting many site owners in my niche and request for a good links (using creative methods I find here in BHW)


Well, this part I will do some myself and grab some content in the marketplace to make things little easier for me, but am going to take 70% of the content writing and the 30% will be for bhw marketplace sellers yeah the article will be a way from 800 to 2500 words.;)

*Social Profiles*

This part am not going to spend much time here rather, I will spend my time on the Instagram side to grow atleast 50k+, so am going to be updating this thread with the IG update too. Once I have enough audience, I will promote affiliate products in the instagram aha:p

*web 2.0 + PBNs *

In this part, I will buy some links too from the marketplace and then use some of the quality Pbns I have been saving for such time, so would get them back to work, and for web 2.0 I would love to make them my self and see how it goes.

*Technical Aspect*
Since this is most required, I will waste some time on my site design(My self) and the speed am going to use Wp Rocket Shared by @Festinger to save some $$$ Thanks for the share.:)
more other aspect like the On and Off-Page optimization will be carried out carefully by me.

So thats few of the set ups regarding the seo part for now,


For a start, I will not start monetizing fast but until I have atleast 5 to 10 great articles published but every one like some $$$$ huh lets take this;
I will use 3 ways for a start :
1 Adsense
2 Amazon Affiliates
3 Other Affiliate

So That's all for now, But here are some challenge i went through so far :

Buy Good Domain I really feel so bad after I finish thinking and researching about a good domain for this project, and after i find my soul-mate :), I just find out its once registered back in 2014 when i see a blinking DA 8 alert from my Moz Bar chrome extension, but I love the bitch and I have to spend some minutes checking if its safe so my outcome is really great and then I decided to move on since domain is clean from the 垃圾邮件反向链接 links:D and now I feel safe at all and indeed more strength to move on.

What I Achieve
buy domain + hosting and setup wordpress + some initial customization

Investments + Profit :
Domain = $3.19
Hosting = $24.88
Total = -$28.07
Profit =$0
IG Followers =25 (Just today 1 hour after set up)

I will be updating this thread once a week

That's all for now Sorry for both the English and Formatting btw just rite this fast so am sorry for all the errors contained here.

Come On Guys Wish me Luck :)
I'll keep watching your journey! Are you going to share your website with us?
Investments + Profit :

Was about to update this thread Yesterday but was out for a little while and i have to give my self an excuse :)
So things are going really good the beauty i find about this is that, the domain have some active Youtube Backlinks whick am getting around 5 to 10 visits anything;

I feel really sad with the shity host i bought all the downtime and slow loading issues really waste a lot of my time and i have to switch to a more hosting with good specs.
So i went to hunt down the good guys :) and finally meet @loedown 's hosting bst thread and i grab a good deal which is good for a single site hosting and am glad with my site fixed issues now though without content (drafted 2000 words and waiting for the one i purchase per my arrangements) now site load withing 1 second in average.

Investments + Profit
New Host = $24.50
Total Spend = -$52.57
Profit =$0
IG Followers =190+ (because of verification issues i faced for 3 days)

A little Achievement will update next week for sure:D

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