1. knopper

    How much is this domain worth?

    Got a domain name with these stats from auctions. 20 Years old name with 40+ ref domains. I'll disclose the amount I paid after some comments. Here are the stats.
  2. magicjones

    Rubbish domain auctions lately

    Seems like every auction site is selling trash for the past few months. Lots of spammed out junk domains and the few good domains instantly go up to the thousands of dollars price range. Anybody else seeing this or is it just in my head? Last year I got a bunch for good low price, this year the...
  3. E

    Godaddy Aged auctions are new domains?

    Hello, I have a question. Recently I bought a domain from GoDaddy auction which is 23 years old and have DA 33 PA 32. Before bidding I check out the domain on google using this query to make sure if pages of this website are showing or not ( only home page is indexed on...
  4. Broadsword


    ****I'm removing this thread to clear it with site admins first**** The nasty comments are a) unfounded and b) wrong. FYI. P.s. I cleared this with a site moderator before posting, and I did it in The Lounge. And to the guy who said "You asked where to post and not "Can I post this?"...
  5. uyuyuy99

    Your eBay/Etsy/etc. + My discount items = $$$ [NO REPLICAS]

    I'm looking for anyone with an eBay seller account (or an account on any site that works like eBay) with a good enough reputation to be able to sell at least several discount items a week for at least $1000/week in gross sales (very rough estimate, could be a lot more in the future). We could...
  6. MaxiJazz

    Help with building a PBN on high authority websites

    I've been around BHW for a while now and haven't opened a thread yet, because I never needed it. It seems like the game is changing (as ever) and right now I'm really considering abandoning the old-school methods I've used for years to promote affiliated products. For that, I might have to take...
  7. OutOfContext

    How to set fake WHOIS in GoDaddy Auctions?

    So I bought a domain from GoDaddy auctions. I was already logged in with my normal account. During the checkout, there was no way to specify WHOIS contact information, only billing information. The billing information form was prefilled with my real info, which would've been used as the public...
  8. Diamond Damien

    The online auction space in December, 2013

    Our view of online auction sites in 2013 - We are considering a play in this space at the moment. I'd love to know your thoughts on online auctions good and bad. Where they can be improved, where they are awesome at the moment. Giant auction sites, once viewed as the future of online...
  9. V

    NEED HELP!! Buying dozens of aged, PR 1+ domains!

    Hey guys, I need some help. If I want to buy dozens, even hundreds of AGED PR 1+ domains, where do I go and how do I make sure they are real? Do i use Godaddy Auctions? Do i check the backlinks and make sure it's a solid amount of backlinks which would support the PR of the site? Is there...
  10. I

    10 ways to pay LESS on feeBay

    Hey fellow gold diggers. Here are some random tid bits of information that I have found over my eBay journeys and though I would share it with you. 10 ways to pay less on feeBay: 1 Use sniping tools. If you?ve spotted something you really want then don?t bid on it right away. Competing buyers...
  11. D

    Godaddy Auctions - How to determine PR and Backlinks

    Does anyone know of a cool plugin/tool to use to determine Godaddy Auction domains PR/Backlinks?
  12. Gary Carlyle

    Experienced Ebay Shop Owners Neeeded To Stock And Market Exclusive Product.

    I am an official contact for a wholesale club that stocks the following product at wholesale prices for bulk orders. YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND The Money Making Secrets 'They' Don't Want You To Know About. Just some of the subjects that are covered on 14 disk's of professional presentation...
  13. T

    Ebay Listers

    Hi i am in search of some people that can list auctions on their ebay for me. I will pay all fees and a % of the profits. Please PM if you are interested. Thank you
  14. X

    Sell Other Peoples Stuff.Invest $0.Pure Profit

    There are tons of websites selling products these days.And you can cash in on them with no out of pocket expence.Lets use Plasme HD TV's for an example.Go to a site that sells plasma tv's.Pick a tv and fill out the form as if you are going to buy it like john doe and a random address.This first...
  15. F

    Need Ebay sellers!!!

    Hey Guys, I just started a new auction site with my friend, and i we need auctions, it is free to list and auction and for this month it is free to feature it on the homepage and category homepage! We will start promoting it from today and a SEO company will be optimizing it. U have nothing...
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