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    I've been around BHW for a while now and haven't opened a thread yet, because I never needed it. It seems like the game is changing (as ever) and right now I'm really considering abandoning the old-school methods I've used for years to promote affiliated products. For that, I might have to take a road I know little about.

    For a very long time I've built websites for a large PBN, just for these in-house projects. Alright, we also did client SEO, using the same methods, but client SEO never had anything to do with our PBN - those were separate PBNs.

    Now, back to the actual story, the in-house affiliation business.

    Some time ago I have put together a team of devs and writers and built everything ourselves. No links from other PBNs, didn't even outsource content. Everything in-house, from developmend to writing and social media. Throughout the whole time, we've found ways to monetize some pretty solid products, via CPA, even on crowded niches.

    Some of the websites we've produced and promoted via PBNs make a few hundred per month. Some others a few thousands. All in all, the investment has definitely worth it. What's left after all this struggle is a list of great products and some junk we had to get rid of.

    Right now, the old methods are not working like they were (can sense your pain every day in your posts). Sites for PBNs are harder and harder to get. Looks like @Nargil still finds some very good websites, but the ones he sells have a different profile than the ones we used to buy in the last few years (and we've never bought domains names from anyone, we've scanned and analyzed and did everything ourselves). Some of the websites he sells might not even be expired domains. They are... let's say abandoned domains with very powerful backlink profiles. So what he does might be in another league, not the "great" 40-50 backlinks expired domains (.edu and .gov were gold) we used to find with some domain crawler or parsing large lists of domains. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. Haven't intended to mislead anyone or anything, alright? @Nargil = great guy, great stuff, heard only great things about him.

    So I was thinking...

    Keep my actual PBN just to support the existing money-sites and build another PBN, but, this time, at a completely different level. To support better websites, with better content, better everything. Same type of products (CPA). Operate some team changes.

    Now, I'm planning to buy 10-20 "auctions" domains with powerful metrics, spending between $1,000 - 2,000 each, with a pristine... everything. Because such websites are, somehow, within my reach, I have already spotted a few (IMHO really cheap for their quality) and here comes my concern:

    • Would you buy an auction domain (not expired) with very powerful backlinks although the respective domain hasn't got proper content on it for 2-3-4 years? Would that hurt its SEO juice?
    • Would you publish on it just content from its old niche or you may consider using it for adjacent niches as well?

    In my calculations, 10-15-20 such domains will become an incredible asset. As a network of pillars for money sites. They are usually spotless, with around 400-500-600 links behind, some .edu, some .gov etc. All natural backlinks.

    A product with 4-5,000 searches/month with an average of $50 commision will probably return 1-2k monthly if the money site promoted via the new PBN gets to the 1st place in SERPs. 10 such money sites will return 10-20k monthly. Practically, the ROI is absolutely fabulous. Bumps will still be on the road, there always are. But still!

    Investment, although pretty big, will pay up quickly - maybe between 6-12 months?

    Leaving aside onpage SEO and other inconclusive problems (got'em covered), and thinking only about backlinks power and quality of powerful auctions websites, would you answer the 2 questions above? And if you have identified other problems regarding the auction websites, would you offer me a word of advice?

    I'm sure there are already several people on this forum using such powerful PBNs.

    Please, I'm not buying PBNs or content, don't PM me with offers.

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    Well the situation with domains cannot really be compared to the situation few years back. Back then you could scrape really nice domains, but these days? You are happy with RD25+ TF0+. I process around 2 million domains a month, which is quite a lot and the situation is getting bad. I have to scrape a lot of local stuff that's not English, because entire English Google is overscraped beyond imagination. If someone claims he can get RD 40-50 domains by scraping, then I can 100% assure you, that those domains simply aren't clean, regardless of what he/she claims and it will take me 30 seconds to prove it. I have discusses this closely here if you haven't read it yet -

    The domains that you have mentioned with 40-50 great backlinks (I will consider these to be 40-50 RD domains), are the worst. They are too good for scraped domains and not good enough for premium. If you want any decent domain with RD100, you have to go to auctions and you will pay a lot in comparison to what you would pay even year ago.

    And back to auction domains. You can easily pay $1k-$2K there, but make sure that the domains are really worth it. I rarely buy domains for more than $1K and it's not because I am not willing to spend more than that. Actually, I do not even remember the last time I paid more than $1K. Be careful what you are bidding on. Most of them are spammed/

    It does not matter how long the content hasn't been on the site. It has zero impact on anything, don't be concerned about that. Feel free to use adjacent or repurposed niches as well, I have talked about it in that article I sent you.

    The domains are far from spotless. I go through around 800 - 1K auction domains a week and bid maybe on 50. There's more to them than you can see. Most of them have very bad history and even those that look fine are not clean at all. Always check historic index, you will be surprised how much shit you can find there. You have to know what you are looking for. As a rule of thumb, with auction domains, go only after indexed ones.
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