Experienced Ebay Shop Owners Neeeded To Stock And Market Exclusive Product.

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    I am an official contact for a wholesale club that stocks the following product at wholesale prices for bulk orders.

    The Money Making Secrets 'They' Don't Want You To Know About.

    Just some of the subjects that are covered on 14 disk's of professional presentation.

    • How to make MILLIONS of dollars!
    • How to attract money like a MAGNET!
    • How you can use your mind to raise $10,000 CASH in ONLY 24 hours!
    • How you can use your mind to make $100,000 in only 90 days!
    • How you can use your mind to earn $20,000 per month without leaving your house!
    • How to have SUPER HEALTH!
    • How to have the romantic LOVING relationship of your dreams!
    • How to have unlimited personal power in life!!
    • How to be happy beyond belief!
    • How to overcome adversity, setbacks and disappointments and turn them into an advantage!
    • How to eliminate all past emotional pain and traumas!
    • How to use "Two Magic Words" that could eliminate ALL your debts OVERNIGHT!
    • How to predict future events with uncanny accuracy!
    • How to virtually "read people's minds" and control all situations!
    • How to wipe out stress, anxiety, fear, and become confident and self assured!
    • How to have the lifestyle and freedom you always wanted!
    • How to have your own Aladdin's Lamp and have your OWN Genie who will grant YOU your every desire!
    • How to be LUCKY and happy in life!
    Originally $1,000, even now the official price is still $299 on TV and also its official website. We can supply this gorgeous CD package in a shipment of 5 units for $350 ($70 each) or less for bigger shipments.

    Here are some of the exciting details.

    -Global cable TV infomercial roll-out.
    -Real life product and not a digital copy.
    -14 CD series in shrink wrapped packaging.
    -Amazing upsell opportunities. Including big $200 bonus if they join our members club.
    -Fully stocked professional distribution center.
    -Highly professional sales tools, media and unprecedented success training (free).
    -Cheat sheet available for perusal.
    -Related free to join network marketing RESIDUAL INCOME revenue possible.

    Now, some people are already selling this on Ebay for even less than cost slightly because when people buy the product and listen to it they get an invitation to our exclusive fraternal members club. Every time somebody listens to the CD series and joins our club you will get a 20% commission bonus or $200. The club is a serious club full of millionaire winenrs that personal mentor people on related success topis such as the law of attraction and relationships. It also has a success orientated book club. "Leaders are readers".

    Of course people selling it for below cost as a lost leader is common practice on Ebay, but if you are an experienced shop owner on there you will know that sales of products at close to retail can still be made because of the cross referencing of sales and products on Ebay. Plus people still make impulse buying decisions. I have friends that are buying the CD series in build for $50 a unit and still selling them for $299 daily. Plus also regularly getting a $200 bonus on top of the product sales profit margins.

    If you already have a shop that is doing well you may want to consider this product because of the added traffic you will get to your shop and the potential money the bonus from the CD's can bring in.

    To procure the CD's or for more details PM me and I will invite you to our product wholesale club which is part of our membership club and is free to join but has an MLM/network marketing component where people can upgrade and advance levels of success training. Even without marketing the CD's as a funded proposal it is still possible to make a very good income from the MLM itself and our members helping members club is truly the best club on the planet without exception, in my mind.

    Thanks for your time. Whether you decide to contact me or not is 100% ok with me, but if you decide to, I would like to discuss this opportunity with you because it is my life and I am loving every minute of it :)

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