1. K

    Retreaval of Stolen Proprietary Data!

    Hello Good Folks! I have yet again a family member attempting an aggressive theft of my business. Ehh...More than used to this! But he's got Data on $millions of deals he's trying to sell to my competitors. Any possibly got any ideas on how I could, perahps ehh get into his Macbook and...
  2. K

    How to decrypt ewdf file ?

    Hi Blackhaters, Can someone help with decrypting ewdf files? I got a ransomware attack on my PC
  3. Sniperw0lf

    Looking someone helping with mass bots attack

    Account is verified, real followers. Since January account is getting flooded with fake accounts. The account owner privated it . The bots keep coming and sending friends request. Already deleted 10K bots still have bots inside the account, they mass view the stories also send offensive or...
  4. hideath

    Bots created in BHW

    I have reported a couple already, Seems like someone made a bot which creates random accounts, What I can see so far Bots have profile pics, gender, location and occupation... (random) They post in random of new threads with no sense stuff, that includes information that is not related at all...
  5. Y

    Getting DDoSed on a personnal computer, what to do ?

    Someone that i know is getting ddos on his personnal computer, yesterday his dns crashed. here is a small list of the IP : fe80::6488:1672:45a1:4a62 2a00:1450!400c:c0a::bc fe80::6488:1672:45a1:4a62 2a00:1450:400c:c0a::bc fd0f:ee:bo::1 tell me if you need more ip ? what can we do...
  6. Sidaretta

    %51 Attack on Blockchain

    Hi everybody I'm blockchain researcher, and I need more details about %51 Attack on Blockchain, unfortunately I couldn't find any details about this, can anyone help me or introduce any reference for me?
  7. rlink

    Anybody ever dealed with .Nesa virus ransomware? I need help!

    I have always protected my devices desktop/laptop etc. .. mostly free antivirus, spyware software, sometimes paid depending on my needs. Yesterday I backed up all my data my laptop on an external HDD and installed a fresh copy of Windows along with all drivers and programs I use. Along with all...
  8. imonboss

    Can Unsuccessful Brute Force break a site

    Some A*hole is brute forcing my site like crazy since yesterday! I have taken the proper steps to defend the attack in every way possible! disabled xml-rpc, enabled blacklisting all the ip and last but not the least enabled cloudflare under attack mode (I am F**king Prepared :p). But since...
  9. C

    Negative SEO Attack, please help! search results disappeared for good old articles

    Hello everyone, Please help me with advice about my website. It has 1mln unique pageviews per month and it's 11 years old. It's a very strange case and it was discussed hundred times with many people but seems like nobody can help. Since March of 2017 my site started to experience negative...
  10. S

    Black hat seo proxy attack on my website?

    Hey I have a problem with my site. Someone is making duplicates of my site (live duplicates, they fetch my content and renders in theirs but they remove all javascript and change my site name strings to theirs) so it's like a proxy of my site. But those sites are stealing my google rankings...
  11. saadoff

    Massive DDoS attack against DYN DNS service

    Cyber attacks are getting evil and worst nightmare for companies day-by-day, and the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one such attacks that cause a massive damage to any service. Recently, the Internet witnessed a record-breaking largest DDoS attack of over 1 Tbps against...
  12. TimeWarped

    The Great Chinese Spam Attack of 5/29/2016

    Thanks to the swift action of the couragous Moderators, the supprise Chinese attack team was quickly obliterated, granting us a great victory. May the Memorial Day holidays continue in peace. And let's give a moment of thanks to the MODS. If anyone has any pictures or war footage of todays...
  13. clickwhale

    *Negative SEO Attack!*... But NO Ranking Drop For 2+ Months... Should I Do.... Anything?

    Hey all, One of my niche sites is under attack. See the pics for the interesting anchors they are building and the sudden spike in links... Now, even though they have started doing this attack about 2 months ago, my rankings...
  14. J

    Help from facebook veterans - fb page under attack

    Hi Fellow Forum Members, For the last few weeks ive been the target of a attack to my facebook page. I have a very succesfull Fan Page related to everything about my country. I have more than 200k fans with hi levels of interactions. After I started it 3 years ago, a lot of copycat pages...
  15. E

    Recovering in Google From Malware Attack

    Not sure if this is the right section of the forums, but here it goes. Around the end of Nov beginning of Dec I noticed a huge drop in SERPS. Day before yesterday I finally discovered my site had been hit with malware and there was a bunch of spammy code just after the body tag. As soon as I...
  16. ron.ray

    Attacked by Penguins !

  17. T

    Bogus SignUps From Proxy Traffic

    Hi All, I host an auto-responder and I'm getting lots of bogus sign-ups from proxy traffic. Although I know that totally stopping proxy traffic is impossible, I wish to take a pro-active stance on this issue and identify the sign-ups coming from proxy traffic and then block the IP address...
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