application building

  1. O

    Ai programmer needed urgently

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an experienced Ai programmer to teach students how to create projects on ai field. Kindly make a comment if you are interested. An educational company in the USA is looking for remote tutors/project creators on ai field.
  2. lockheadsr71b

    [Need advice] creating a second hand market app and monetizing it

    Hi guys I found a really untapped niche in my country in creating a specialized second hand market for a certain type of product. I would like to create a second hand market app however I really have zero experience in app development. I do have some basic programming knowledge in Python and I...
  3. l0tterylisa

    Looking to develop an App for both iOS and Andriod

    Hey I have a simple app that I need help developing. I'm debating between developing an app native for each OS or going with a Oracle cross platform solution. I don't have any previous app building experience but I'm quite avid with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP. I know you can do a lot with...
  4. rydersan

    Desktop Software Ideas

    Hello fellas! I have a request from you guys about desktop app`s. Do you have any idea of desktop app that will be useful for everyone. The programing function can be unimited :D especially social networks. :) I would like to create some Free app for you guys, but i don`t have any idea about...
  5. F

    App needed

    Hi, Need an app for iphone, android and ipad very similar to this: type in a u s t i n space l i m o download the app and look around Looking for this to be similar feel, exact functionality, just different background, minor differences You must also be able to submit it to the app store. please...
  6. fbfbfb

    Help regarding cpa

    HI guys If this is not the correction section to post pls correct me guys . i am in facebook marketing for some months and i got everything to do with CPA I got my own sim cards ,PVA i got Friends I got fan page I can make installation to application I can make fans , friends etc...
  7. entreprenuer

    Scriptlance#c0.m--should i go with the deal??

    Well a programmer from India bidded on my project for building an iphone game that I am hoping to turn around and sell. He had 2 good reviews and both were 5 stars. One review was for a game design project where he was highly rated. It is going to cost me $599 should I do it? what are you're...
  8. entreprenuer

    #going in the IPHONE app making buisness..ideas??

    hey bhw I am now going to make apps for the iphone with hopes of raking in some good cash. Im either going to sell some apps or give them away for 'free' with money making ads attached. any cool ideas for an iphone app? it can be anything guys. share your wildest ideas. gamesinfo apps etc...
  9. M

    Affordable facebook ap wanted

    I know it's probably been overdone, but i'm looking for a facebook ap with complete control to run with my cpa offers. Something that people will like and that i would have complete control over to add and delete my cpa offers at will. Also if you have some sort of promotion avialable to help...
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