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Oct 13, 2010
HI guys

If this is not the correction section to post pls correct me guys .
i am in facebook marketing for some months and i got everything to do with CPA

I got my own sim cards ,PVA
i got Friends
I got fan page
I can make installation to application
I can make fans , friends etc

The only think i dont know is how to make viral application and how to get approved in cpa network

the best network and how to make thm .. if any expert can do tht i can pay for thm whn i get money from the CPA asap...

Thanks in advance..
waiting to make money...
I doubt anyone will take the time to get you signed-up to a CPA network on the promise of you paying them WHEN you make the money. It's usually an upfront payment for these kinds of services.

Getting approved by CPA networks is pretty easy, you just need to know your shit, and if you're dealing with the likes of what people would consider the higher end players in this game (Epic Direct, Neverblue, Max Bounty, CPX Interactive, COPEAC etc) you're probably going to need to pick up the phone and give them a call as well, or wait for them to give you a call.

However, if you're outside the major English speaking countries, which no offence intended at all it seems like you are, you're probably going to have a bit of a harder time, especially with phone applications.

Perhaps the best route I can suggest, is try it on your own, if you get your application denied by a couple of networks, then find someone to do it for you.
check services section i think there are some people who are offering same service
look that up

thanks a lot

Just apply to cp@lead, adscendmedia, leadbolt.. They are good with fb.. Am making more than 500$ a day with them and my viral apps
Its good you have all these skills on fb, you should have no problem getting $$ from it all. PM me your Skype so we can share some tips.
But some time to get the approval is very difficult. i will pesonally suggest if any one want maxbounty or peerfly account.
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